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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 14

Rocko Bonaparte posted:

My Lans recruited 4 level 7 fighters for me. I couldn't immediately upgrade their class. The option came up when they levelled up. However, only one has the option to change class! When can I expect to start bumping up these guys?

They need to have a Cha stat of at least 50 to upgrade. I'd stick them in a liberating unit for the chance of Tarot cards bringing up their Cha, and have them fight a bit.

Okie dokie, I'll be recruiting Ashe, and busting the wall down. Hopefully there aren't TOO many more enemies hiding in there...

We got a slight Reputation boost from this! Yay!

We've already got a pre-emptive Nay on this one, or at least a pre-emptive Wait. Personally, I don't care either way, as I've never really used him. I suppose he does come with a pair of dragons, though. So Hire, Wait, or Don't Hire Ever?


The strategy in this stage came in two parts. The first consisted of creating the blockade in the middle of the map while Bogy and Sara did some liberating. I just noticed I have a yellow dot in the water where Lemon would be with her Octopi, but she actually wasn't there, sorry. Sara (purple) held onto the SW town, while Warren (black) held the one near the middle of the image. I waited to take the temple north of Sara until all the enemies were cleared. Now if I were going to scale the walls instead of using the Termites, I would've gone ahead and liberated the town on the NW island at this point too, but since we were busting the wall down, it would be best to wait until all of THOSE enemies were gone, too, so as to not risk a recapture.

The second part came when the wall came down. In aqua we can see a mini-blockade formed by Lans, Needham, Rivera, and one other unit, Victor or maybe Mort. Those enemies died pretty quickly, and I was able to take the last town and finish the stage.