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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 19

Cruel World posted:

Have you tried making the goody two-shoes characters beat up on Level 1 neutrals?

I hadn't thought of that, actually. I can try it, but I'm guessing it'll take entirely too long and bite some chunks out of our Reputation, since "the people" see it as "wasting time." Good news though, I managed to get the two Beastmen down quite a bit through some very careful battle selection. They're still way higher than they want to be, but hey, 73 down to 58 in one map really isn't bad. I think it has more to do with the Ali of the guys they're killing than with their actual levels. So maybe if I can find some neutral Angels... we need a Grinch smilie.

Anyway! More stuff!

Stage 9, Continued

Laharl decides he'll spend his free time helping needy children while his army fights. During his beehive hunt he hears some juicy tidbits about the area's leader, Norn.

Sounds awfully suspicious. If she is like us, then why is she fighting against us?

Oh right… that. But wait a minute, didn't he…?


Like Stage 7, this plan can pretty much be split into two parts: east of the white line, and west of the white line. Purple dot = Sara, orange dot = Mort, dark blue dot = Victor, green dot = Rend and Tear, light blue (practically invisible) dot = Bogy, black dot = Warren. There were some other units out and about, but these units were the real attackers and defenders.

Not too much to explain east of the white line. Another blockade preventing the enemy from taking my base and any towns I'd already taken. I left everything in the SW alone until defeating all the enemies so they wouldn't stray off in that direction.

West of the white line was pretty simple too, I think. Victor and Bogy sat on the town next to the bridge, Mort sat on the bridge itself, Sara sat on the town to the far east of the map, and Warren was in any one of those black spots at any given point to help defend Sara's position, although eventually he was able to close into the forest just south of the enemy base.

Anyway, eventually all the bad guys are dead so we can find our beehive in peace. Since he's a prudent spender, Laharl decided to find it himself rather than buy one at the store. Finally, he reaches a temple where someone gives him a lead.

That's so sad. Little Posha's father died while trying to save his wife, her mother.

But we're not going to let Little Posha become an orphan! Laharl personally delivers the Golden Beehive.

She sure seems awfully happy… didn't the guys at the temple say he was DEAD?

When Little Posha grows up, she'll be a MIGHTY ASS-KICKING WARRIOR! And we are awarded the Sentoul Demon prize, for charity or something.

Then, we meet the case of Ogre Battle, Norn.

Norn was actually quite the pain in the ass in battle. I didn't get any screens, but she had a pair of Titans in the front row, while she sat around in the back incessantly healing. I had initially tried to fight her with some of my lower-level goody units, and wasted a bunch of Tarot cards trying to kill her before I just finally brought in Warren's unit to spam some magic and whip Norn and those Titans into submission. But upon being defeated, Norn goes even further into her act.

Wah, wah, wah. So should we kill this overdramatic wench, or should we spare her and see what kind of bad poetry she writes in her Livejournal?