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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 54

Thanks again for your support, guys. I had a little bit of time to start the stage, so rather than make you all wait forever, I thought I'd just go ahead and do the update in multiple parts. So here you go.

Scene 29: The Black God; Part 1

Here we are, folks, the final stage! It's a big one, with all kinds of terrain (except desert). There's no end to enemy units, and there's no more need to worry about promotion requirements, so we're just going to send out as many of our best units as we possibly can to wipe them out!

"Deploy all units! GO!!!"

It's not really necessary to liberate the towns and temples in this stage, but there's a very good reason to: LOOT. And story, I guess, if you're interested in that. LOOT!

:girl: Anyone of you Monks or Muses want to become a last minute Princess?

Evil, forbidden temples. OF DOOM.

Yes. Yes it is.

Wait, what's the big deal about that? Unless you're talking about the PlayStation port, then I've heard some pretty bad things. But my brother beat the living crap out of both of those games single-handedly before he got all wrapped up in DAoC and WoW, and… wait, are you saying there may or may not be a third one rumored to be in the works? OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WE'RE DOOMED. No. Seriously, we're a fucking ARMY here, we just finished overthrowing an entire EMPIRE, we don't have time for your petty PC fanboy squabbles.

If he were more clever, he could have tricked the Goddess of JUSTICE, like we did. But Rashidi was always a little on the side, and didn't think of that.

…what. WHAT. GOD DAMMIT SON OF A BITCH. We've been duped!

Taste Aisha's holy rage!

Later, we meet up with our calm, courageous pal Gawain again.

If we don't, what? WHAT WILL HAPPEN, GAWAIN? He's so pussified that he can't even complete his sentences! Perhaps this is more serious than we thought.

Stay tuned for Part 2!