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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 60

Dragon's Haven

Look at that tiny little stage! It's just a few wee islands with a couple of towns and a temple. And to think, people actually went through all the trouble to figure out the Fireseal thing only to get this as their reward.

Lindory's unit liberates the first town.

We sold it because we are poor and our units are expensive and we still need to buy healing items. Also I'm not going to be bothered to do equipment claims for one goddamned stage.

In case anyone forgot, Albeleo was one of Rashidi's students, along with Saradin. Back in the first thread, Saradin laid down some death on Albeleo, but when we returned to collect our treasures and gifts, the citizens claimed his body disappeared! So this must be where it went.

Jerry's unit gets the first battle. Mmm, dragon juice.

Princess Merry lays some holy smackdown on some… holy seraphims. Hm.

Ryumpa: "Purely delicious! Chomp!"

I thought this was cute.

Lolz, pointy hat!

I always think there's quite the hippie vibe when I do this stage. "Save the dragons! Peace on earth! Don't eat mermaids!" Goddamn dirty hippies.

Now back to the action!

Comet heals and deodorizes, all in one product!

Now, now, Anderson! Dragons are not trees, they are not for chopping!

Ryukasto can defeat enemies with back turned against them!

For the low, low price of all your limbs, a kidney, your liver, and your soul!

Lindory slices…

And Musa stones.

Goddamn traitor!

Neilson protects the base from the smelly fish units.

These guys are in the same unit.

Gavin: "Fire, BAD!!!"

Anyone want to be a Lich or a Zombie Dragon?

Duke also enjoys chopping at dragons.

Ms Lexar does the honors of destroying Albeleo a second time.

Well, not really… I mean, we already had way too many from Allamoot, so…

Well, okay, if you say so.

The Paladins and Muses took care of Al's bodyguards (including Short and Shorter), as well as dealing heavy damage to Al himself. Here we see Lexar striking a pose before entirely missing her target, leaving one of the Muses to finish him off.

He tries, but he's no Zeromus.


And now, the ultra-secret DRAGON'S HAVEN ENDING!!!!

Roll credits and…

Our little score thing:

That's all. No more to see. Go home, folks.

More thanks to everyone for reading and posting, and helping out and being supportive and whatnot. You guys are what made this thread great. When I see your posts in other threads, I will remember the fun times we had together in the last several weeks, and smile kind of like this: