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Part 1: You're the type that blends into someone else's shadow

Video: Intro
Music: Opening Movie

The intro doesn't show much, it just sets up the beginning of the game. You can watch it if you want, but it's by no means important.

Music: Emotional Universe

Welcome to Let's Play Okage: Shadow King!

We input our hero's name (I'm going with Ari, the default.) and away we go!

Music: Home Sweet Home

I am a super mom. I am a beautiful wife. A stupendous chef. A doting mother. Hum hum hum... La da da...

A girl enters the kitchen

Hi Mom! What's for dinner tonight?
Oh, Annie! You've just ate lunch. You'll burst your little frame!
Come on, it smells good. Tell me, tell me.

At this point, a boy enters the room.

I just want to note that I have no idea why Okage thinks it's necessary for us to know our current money and LP (Okage's version of MP) whenever text is on screen. I can kind of see what they were thinking with the money, but it feels almost like they stuck the LP count in there just because there was enough space for it.

This story starts with an ordinary conversation of an ordinary family. And... With the inconspicuous boy who appeared behind his little sister. Unexpeceted as it may be, this unassuming boy is the hero of this peculiar tale we are about to see.

Every now and then the narrator cuts in like this. These lines are actually voice acted, but this is actually the longest the narrator ever speaks, and it lasts for about five seconds. Recording two to five second voice clips just feels like more trouble than its worth.

Well, Ari, what do you think?

Our first choice of many on the road to the true ending. (Okage only has one ending)

I picked steak completely at random, but in hindsight, it's probably stew. She was cooking in a pot, after all.

A secret!
Mom! It's not fair! Oh, tell me please!
Hmm, well. Let me see... (chuckle). .............Oh, that reminds me, Ari! Dad brought back a funny bottle yesterday. Look, it's out there on the table.

Don't you think it's strange?

Try to take off the cap.
Poke it.
Smell it.

The cap won't budge an inch!

See, I wonder what's in there.
Mom! It's pointless to have a bottle we can't open! Throw it away!
Well, let's see. What should we do......................Oh, that reminds me!

You also forgot that there's a loaf of bread on the counter right behind you.

I'm busy cooking so I can't do. Hmmm, what should I do?

Well, I can...
I leave it in Annie's capable hands!

I so want to but darn it, I have a test tomorrow at school! Gotta study! My future's on the line!

Annie leaves the room.

Pick up the bread at the bakery in the village. It will be put on our tab there, so you can just pick it up. Thank you!

That painfully drawn out conversation about dinner is finally over, and we have control of Ari for the first time!

So of course, I immediately talk to mom again.

Oh, you know what? Before you go to the bakery, why don't you drop by and see your dad at the Town Hall? Ah, the man I love hard at work. Oh, I wish I could see your father in action! Such rapture...

Welcome to Ari's house. We just came from the room on the left, the kitchen. Next we head into the living room, on the right.

Ari's grandparents spend most of their time in here.

Oh Ari, it's a nice day isn't it? This kind of day reminds me of my youth, going here and there. Always had my sword with me. Our family is an adventurer's family. You know that, son? Your mom went on an adventure when she was young and met your father. When she was young, your mom was strong and spirited. Just like she is now.
Yes dear. Right dear.

There's also a basement, and four upstairs rooms (two of which are locked). There isn't really anything to do right now though, since no one else is home. So it's time to head for the bakery.

Music: Forest of Willkur

Ari's family lives in a castle, by the way. Or maybe it's just an ornate brick mansion.

Annie's blocking the path to the village, so let's go talk to her.

why do you care so much just wait two hours, god damn

Aww!! Come on, tell me!

What happened to your homework?
...Um, what happened to your errand?

Homework? Oops, never mind! Well! I'm going out on a twilight date before dinner with Morris! To polish my feminine airs, I have to build up experience while I'm young. My book says so too...

Oh yeah?
What kind of book says so?

It's Mom's book. What was the name... Um... "Controlling Guys Made Easy". Well, enjoy your errand, Ari! La da da, hum hum hum...

Annie moves out of our way, so we can finally get this game started!

But first

The other tombstone is attributed to:

Person who touched the knowledge of the Library.

There's also a third tombstone, obscured by a tree. If you spin the camera around, you can see it.

Thanks to Lizard Wizard for pointing this out!

And so we continue along our way to Tenel Village.

Not far from Ari's house, we meet two boys.

What's wrong?

Pudgy Boy: ...Whoa! You scared me! Oh, it's you, Ari. When did you show up? I didn't even notice.
Skinny Boy: Ari, you look real gloomy. Anyway, you know what? The circus is coming to the field over there tomorrow night!

Sounds like fun!

Skinny Boy: I, I, I'm definitely gonna ask Julia out this time! I, I, I will do it! And me and Julia are gonna go out on a romantic date!
Pudgy Boy: I wonder who I should ask out. Ari, why don't you ask somebody out too? It's the circus!

If you really want to impress a lady, take her to the circus.

Gotta narrow down my list.
Too much trouble...

Skinny Boy: Ha! I bet he doesn't have the guys to ask a girl out! Ha ha ha, chicken! Ha! I can't wait for tomorrow night! Julia will be mine and mine alone!
Pudgy Boy: ...Oh, you're in the middle of an errand, huh. You'd better go quick!

Yeah, of course I knew that. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the directions

Music: Theme of Tenel

There's a girl standing right by the gate, so we talk to her.

Hi, Julia!
Uh, hello, Julia?
(Don't worry I'm used to being ignored)


Hellooo, Julia?
(Stealthy aren't I)

Huh? Oh, Ari! I was daydreaming. Sorry about that. Hey, did you know the circus is coming tomorrow night?

I know.
I didn't know.

(So that's what the big tents are about)

Isn't it great? It's the circus! ...... So, aren't you gonna ask me to go to the circus with you?

Ask her.
Don't ask her.

Sorry. Somebody else already asked me. If you'd have asked me earlier...

Cockblocked by Skinny Boy again!

Um... Some time soon, I... I need to tell you something important... Um... Uh... I have to go. See you...

And she goes.

Now we need to go to the bakery, but I'm a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to RPGs, so of course we're going to go everywhere else in town first, lest we miss something.

Thankfully, most of the stores in town are closed due to a water shortage, so there aren't a ton of places we can go other than the bakery.

The MEAT store is still open though.

Butcher: Ground Beef is 20 Sukel today. Buy now or it may not be here tomorrow!

I'll buy!
Not buy

I somehow get the feeling that they didn't want to put the effort in to program dialog branches with less or more than three choices.

Butcher: Hey, how are ya? That was the last of the meat we have for today. Now, I'm ready to close.

Ari has acquired 'Ground Beef'!

Ground Beef does nothing for us. At least, not right now. It may come in handy in the future, though...

For now, we leave the butcher and continue down the road.

What's wrong with your face???


Scared Guy: ...Hmmm, I don't know much myself, but what I do know is they're evil, violent and attack people! Brrrrrr, chills me to the bone!

Hey man, that's racist. Just because some ghosts are evil, that doesn't mean they all are.

Oh no, the Tinker store is closed!

Old Beauty Lover: And your little sister Annie, she's a pretty one too. Hmm, what'll she be like in 3 years!

please never speak to me again.

Oh, thank god SHOP: OTHER ONE is still open for business!

There isn't really anything worth noting in the shop, I just love its name.

Continuing down the road (and ignoring the bakery in the process), we come across a large home.

There are two doors on this floor, and an upstairs. First, we go in the door pictured above.

I never would have expected that Daughter of the Elder's father would be the Elder.

Daughter of the Elder: To me he's just an old man with stories that go on and on and on. He's in the living room just over there. Keep him company and listen to his story, will you?

We head into the room across the hall next.

Sure do!
I would but I've go to...
(Stare blankly)

Village Elder: Very well, you want to hear it? Then I'll tell you about the Evil King. The Evil King is the ruler of the Ghosts, his evil creatures. A fearful King of Terror! 300 years ago, an Evil King called Gohma destroyed half of the world. But a hero called Hopkins defeated Gohma after a pitched battle. Since then, the world has been peaceful. But I hear the rumor about Ghosts... Could it be that a new Evil King... Nah, never. That couldn't happen.

He tells you this story no matter what you say in that choice, by the way.

There's nothing upstairs but a locked door with someone coughing on the other side.

There's a staircase at the end of the village, which leads us up to the church and the town hall.

The godless liberal government is trying to shut down our churches!

Since we can't get into the church, we might as well check out the town hall.

There's one more person in the town hall, off to the right. We talk to her first.

Competent Looking Clerk: But there is another job. To manage the "Classification Table" of people in this village.

Classification Table?
Which Classification do I fall into?
(Don't label me!)

Competent Looking Clerk: Yes, the "Classification Table". It's a list that arrives regularly from the Royal City, far away. Based on the reports we send, it classifies people according to their character. It's necessary to maintain public order. We should get the new Classification for this year from the Royal City soon.

And we talk to her again.

Classification Table?
Which Classification do I fall into?
(Don't label me!)

Competent Looking Clerk: You were... Um, uh... I don't remember. You're a shady guy... Sorry, I don't mean it in a bad way, I'll check it for you.

Good. You're here to come see your cool father at work? What do you think of your dad at work? Too cool for words, huh? Yeah! I redefine cool! Hahahaha! Frankly, this Office is in a panic now, because of the water shortage. We're doing everything we can to find the cause.

Alright, this place is boring. Let's go to the bakery.

Excuse me.

Bakery Woman: Lalalalala, lalalala...


(Stare displeasingly)

Bakery Woman: Huh? Oh, it's you, Ari. Don't I always tell you? A boy should speak up! You've come to pick up the bread, right? Here you are! Anything bothering you? come on, keep your chin up, boy. Girls like the assertive ones, now!

Ari has acquired "Loaf for Pickup"!

Bakery Woman: Alright, off you go. Before the loaf gets cold. I gotta go fix dinner for my husband, too!

We leave the bakery, and Annie approaches us.

Ari, are you done with the errand? Okay, then let's go home! I think dinner is ready. ...What's wrong? Did the Bakery Woman lecture you again?

No, not really...
(Yes, make me relive it!)

Let's see... Ari, you're the type that... blends into someone else's shadow. Oh well, at least there's someone who sees some good in you. He he, for instance... Julia. You lucky guy!

And the next night...

And that concludes our first update. But don't go yet, because it's time for...

Thread Participation

As you can see, Okage: Shadow King has a ton of dialog branches that don't really seem to serve much of a purpose. However, the game keeps track of everything you say, and this influences something later on. It would be unreasonable to ask the thread to vote for each individual choice, so instead you guys will be picking Ari's general personality. Which of these six personalities should Ari have?
Post your preference in the thread, and at the end of the first chapter I'll tally up the votes and restart the game with your choice in mind.