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Okage: Shadow King

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Original Thread: An Overshadowed Let's Play of Okage: Shadow King



Okage: Shadow King is a criminally obscure RPG released for the PS2 in 2001, developed by Zener Works -- who have since fallen off the face of the Earth -- and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

We'll be playing the role of Ari, an quiet boy from the remote village of Tenel. In a bizarre twist of fate, Ari's shadow is possessed by the Great Evil King Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV (better known as Stan), and the boy is made to serve the Evil King on a journey to regain his lost power and conquer the world.

Okage was one of the first games I played on the PS2, and is still to this day one of my favorites. The game plays like your stanard RPG, with turn-based battles and dungeon exploration. While fun, the gameplay really isn't anything special. Okage's strong point is it's writing; the plot is light-hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously, and the characters and dialogue are quirky and fun. Okage: Shadow King is a breath of fresh air in a genre plagued with melodrama and generic characters.

This LP will be covering the entire game, including the sidequests. Okage is very short for an RPG and is easily beaten in under 20 hours if you skip the sidequests (of which there are few) and head straight for the end, so it shouldn't take us too long to beat it. As I said, the writing is the game's strong point, so I'll be showing off a lot of NPC dialog, but I'll skip some of the less interesting ones for the sake of time. I'll also be providing links to songs from the OST where appropriate, so you can listen along while you read.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Boy Meets the King

Chapter 2: Enter the Pink Hero and Her Parasol

Chapter 3: As Her Majesty Commands

Chapter 4: Strange Days and Stranger Company

Chapter 5: Lost Souls and Shadows

Chapter 6: Night in the Highlands

Final Chapter: The Boy and the King Enter the Library

The Characters

The following contains party member spoilers!

<Age> 16 <Occupation> Ordinary Boy
Quiet boy with an overshadowed destiny. Father is the assistant manager of the Tenel Village Hall. Mother is a housewife. Seems to be without note but...

Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV
<Age> Unknown <Occupation> Evil King
The reincarnation of the Great Evil King Gohma, Stan is currently weak and residing in Ari's shadow. If Ari can defeat the Fake Evil Kings, maybe Stan's true power will be restored?

<Age> 22 <Occupation> Hero
Master of the rapier, reluctant devotee of the parasol. Used to be an elite hero but since she met Stan, she puts up with insults while being a comic-relief hero.

Professor Gutten Kisling
<Age> 45 <Occupation> Ghost Expert
An eclectic, dedicated scholar of spooks. Stalks pretty girls under the guise of doing field work. Loves clipping toenails for fun.

Big Bull
<Age> Can't remember <Occupation> Furious Fighter
Former Big Bull Evil King. A nice guy who loves blood, sweat and battle. Dreams of establishing a school for muscle men and creating a muscle paradise.

<Age> Top Secret! <Occupation> Teen Idol Singer
Former Teen Idol Evil King with a cute smile. Admires Evil King Stan calling him Coach. Possesses a musical, magical, pop heaven voice.

<Age> Unknown <Occupation> Mysterious Wizard
Former Phantom Evil King. Mysterious roaming interloper and snappy dresser. Obsessed with the search for magical power and discovering the truth of the world.

Princess Marlene
<Age> Young <Occupation> Princess
Her Highness, the Princess. Marlene has claimed Ari as her servant and forced herself into the group as a non-combatant. Her goal is to subjugate the Evil Kings, believing it is her duty as a Princess.
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