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Okage: Shadow King

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 26: Why is it thy "classification" dost thou deny?

There's a quiet moment, and suddenly...

Music: Stan's Theme

Stan emerges from Ari's shadow once again!

So you've finally made it here, Hero Rosalyn! And you've even acquired the legendary Hero's Sword! Now there's only one thing left to do. It's only fair to fight it out with you, using all my strength! It would be the most courteous thing to do.

Courtesy...? Huh? ......

Where have you been all this time? I was just about to...this disgusting Hero here... Hero? Huh?
Ha ha ha ha! If that shadow chief is here, then you're all set! Congratulations!

I did it! I'm back!
Hero? Where?
I'm non-transparent again!

But what in blazes happened here? I'm quite sure I was about to defeat the last enemy Hero and reign over the humans as the Great Evil King... Hmmm... Ha ha ha ha! I don't know what's going on, but that's okay. Shall we go on, then? Slave Ari, let us continue our journey to restore my evil power!

And what is this circus man doing here? Where have all those loud mischief makers gone to?
Ha ha ha! I guess the shadow chief can only see you and me. He can't see those folks around us.
Huh? What are you saying? And who is this suspicious man?
You don't have to worry. I'm sure the kid'll tell you all about it, afterwards...

Music: The Nightmare

Circus Evil King, thy kind, in a "world" like this I never thought I'd doth find.
You ignore me? ...Wha? ..."Circus Evil King"?
Circus Evil King, why is it thy "classification" dost thou deny? Were you not entrusted the Great Evil King in the sewer to revive... And have it fight 'gainst the Great Hero so the scenario could be rectified? Not only did you fail in that but our advantage, you spurn! For the boy vanishes from the "world" but you help him return!

From the beginning, 'gainst us thou hast proceeded to act... So many "Map o'Evil Kings" you gave out, why, one cannot keep track! And your Circus Troopers are mere humans, not even evil ones, in fact!

You think about that, Phantom Evil King. What you do is contrary to your "classification" most of the time, too.
Hey! I'm not telling you to ignore me, huh! Are you saying you're an Evil King, too, you plain old man?
Listen, chief. You, too, Phantom Evil King.

That mouse has long been defeated and the power's back where it belongs, inside the Shadow Evil King. The mouse is now just a lowly ghost trooper. Acting contrary to "classification" is easy. Besides, the others were doing it, as well.
Trouble upon thyself doth bring, if the man doth learn anything.
You may be right. In some sense, you're very clever deceiving him. I'll be alright. He has eyes only for that young lady these days. For a long time now.
Heh. So it is then. Fortune smile on thee, old friend.
Finally it's over! I feel like I'm about to spontaneously combust when he starts spouting off! So, "Phantom Evil King", since you call yourself that, give me back my malevolent powers right now!

The Phantom Evil King vanishes.

Ha ha ha! He's gotten away, chief! I'll vanish, too. Now that he's found me, I'd better hide again. Too bad the Troopers have to do without me... Shadow Evil King and you, kid, probably want to hear more from me, but I just can't talk right now. Sorry. Don't know if we'll met again but 'till then, bye!

Hey, slave, what are you doing? I'm telling you to go after him! Go!

Hmph. I know exactly what you're thinking. You wanna get back with that loud Hero lady, that scholar and that ex-Evil King, right? To me they are just too much of a hassle to have eround, but do as you wish...

Ari has "Friendship Bond" in his hand!

What is that? A tool of some sort? Why did that suddenly...? This is worth investigation. Take note of this, slave. Keep moving. You don't want to stay here.

We're now automatically brought to Rashelo...

Music: Shadow Contest


Oh boy, oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Hey, where have you been!? ...or maybe, I've been somewhere?

Where have you been?
Well, I was kind of...
At my summer home.

I thought we were on a journey to punish...? Oh, you know what? It's that... Great Evil King Stan... Isn't it?

What are you talking about?
It makes no difference.
We have to find the other members.

Eh? Oh, that's right. When I look around, other people are gone too. I wonder why? Anyway, let's at least look for Mr. Kisling. The other two... do we have to look for them?

Ari and Rosalyn set off to look for the others. They barely have time to leave Rashelo before...

Music: Big Tree Hole

Big Bull speeds past!

Big Bull notices Ari and Rosalyn and runs to them.

...And trips.

You guys disappeared before I knew what was goin' on. I thought somethin' bad happened.
Us? What about you? You vanished too!
Anyway, I'm glad I found you!

Welcome back, brother!

Afterwards, the group heads for Madril.

Music: The Cellar

I don't know how you have been but it's nice to see you all again. Both Ms. Rosalyn and Mr. Stan... Uh? Well, I believe the world is deteriorating into chaos. This is probably due to the Great Evil King or something. It could just be my imagination, but that's the impression I'm getting. Well, everybody, shall we go?
Yes, I agree with you. Right?
Yes, I think so, too. Right?

The group continues to look for their missing friends, and stop when they hear a strange sound from the elevator.

Music: Moe-Moe

That song...!

Yeek! Stan darling! Where have you been? Linda missed you!
Regrettably, where does not matter. I fear it is far worse than who disappeared where. There is something unnatural that has its hand in all of this.
Do you feel it, too, Linda?
Eh? Feel what?
Does this seem right to you?

...... Uhm, I dunno. What about it?
You... whatever.

The only one left is the Princess! We have to find her as soon as possible! If the servant guy finds out we lost her...
If he finds out, it would be the end for you...which I wouldn't mind that much. Let's just go.
Hold on. We didn't look in Tenel, right? Maybe we'll find her on the way.