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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 27: You are not an Evil King by any means!

Our group heads to Tenel to search for Marlene. On our way out of Madril...

Music: The Nightmare

Marlene will now remember the adventure. As soon as she remembers she will try to... Marlene... I guess, after all, she is... Where is she? The house of the boy again? If she is heading there, then she will know the reason why...

Beiloune leaves in the direction of Tenel.

Music: The Forest of Wilkur

We head off in that direction. The stone circles are all inactive, so we have to get there the old fashioned way.

Now that Ari is holding the Friendship Bond, he can use Friendly Lightning, a non-elemental attack (yeah, not lightning elemental) that hits all enemies.

Stan leans in and attacks the enemies with his magic. I suppose Stan finally thinks of Ari as more than a slave, and is now willing to help out a little bit more actively in battles.

Since Stan is the one using this attack, Ari's bar actually immediately begins filling up again, rather than forcing you to wait until the action is complete. It allows Ari to get his turns out much faster.

After a long walk, we finally arrive at Tenel.

The Princess said that the place is cozy. Maybe she's there again.
Whatever. Just hurry up, I have to find additional power and look for the so-called Phantom Evil King. If the gate beyond the "Transverse Tunnel" is accessible, we can't waste time! My dark power won't be kept waiting! We have to enter it as soon as possible.
I agree with Doc. I think she could've gone back, too. That is, if she went back alone...

Went back where?
Maybe we should...

If the Princess goes back alone without a guard, it's our duty...
Ha ha ha ha ha! Then why are you babbling!? You don't even know where to start! Or maybe you're afraid. Heroes seek "justice" only when it's convenient for them! Ah, humans amuse me!
Shut up!
Excuse me, sister, I think we should get moving instead of hanging out here.
Yes, we should! Indeed! Come on, let's go!

Music: Breakdown

Huh? Did you hear something?
The stupid low voice is... Slave, Ari, it's your father.
What!? What is going on!? Let's hurry, Ari!

The group runs for Ari's house.

We arrive at the gates to Ari's house and head into the front yard.

Ah... Ari... I can't breathe... Help...

Oh! Ari! Rosalyn! You came just in time! That man...! This isn't good at all but some interesting findings may come out of all this commotion.
Honey, what are you talking about!? This is horrible! Someone, please do something, the Princess is...!
You came, huh. What timing.

What are you talking about?
Arghh... oh...
Looks like she's in trouble! Bad trouble!
Omigod! What an evil meanie making a girl suffer like that!

Leave Marlene alone!

Are you insane? You're the Princess' steward, aren't you!? Are you trying to kill her!?

What is this man talking about? Anyway...!
...Anyway, I am here to talk to Marlene. Could you leave us alone?
Bei-Beiloune... Argh... You......
...(sigh)... Marlene, I have done everything for you, remember?

So why won't you live up to my expectations...
Eh? What was that?
The world you created...?
...Humph, yes, it is, outsiders.

And you, too, were let live in this small world with the power of "classification". To play the roles that I gave.

What is classification to begin with? What are heroes? Evil Kings? And Ghosts...? You've never thought about it, have you? You cannot. You are classified as naive residents who don't think intelligently.

And one of them is now in front of me.
Oh... Ari... Help... Ari... Ari...

Beiloune, leave her alone!


Then, damn this!

Music: None

The contents of this video are transcribed below, if you're unable to watch.

Beiloune transforms into a ridiculous form.

Rosalyn tries to attack him, but he vanishes.

And Marlene floats higher into the air.

Beiloune pulls a light from Marlene's chest, and...

He destroys it.

Marlene plummets to the ground

And Beiloune escapes.

No, no!

What...? ...a doll!?
What is this rubbish!? Did you replace her with an imposter!?
It is not that.

Look at that face. That's the most terrifying expression I've ever seen.

Indeed. I don't even remember how long ago Marlene was playing in this world and disappeared due to an accident...

In my world, she is absolutely protected. ...Regardless of that, no matter how hard I looked for her in this world, I couldn't find her. She must be somewhere... Thus I.........

It's all the fault of your kind of people! If there were no deviants like you, everything would go smoothly! I cannot let your kind of people live!

With the power of my World Library! And... And I will live happily ever after with the new Marlene...!

You are not an Evil King by any means! Haunting a deviant and being decent like that! The Evil King has to be Evil and strong! And defeated by the one who is desired by Marlene!

Ari picks Marlene's music box up off the ground...

Music: Marlene's Theme

You all look as pale and drawn as midnight ghouls. Not that I don't like it...
......What kind of look is that?
You too, hero parasol woman. Are you trying to get my attention? Flattering, really it is!
...(Sigh). Why is this happening... What the heck was that...
Hmmm... Strange and interesting... What happened was very odd, but at the same time, may be extremely important for us. I still don't understand the situation completely, but I'm starting to get ideas. We have to think! We must hypothesize a hypotenuse thereby calculating the angle of attack!

We're given control to walk around the room and talk to everyone.

His unreasonableness is not normal, even for me, a former Evil King!
I totally agree! Moreover, he's on a level above my darling Stan! It totally makes me puke!
I wanna squeeze him 'til he turns red, then blue, then purple, then, then...! Uh, you get the idea.

The classification list gives roles... And we just play the role without knowing and are made to dance to his tune? ...Thinking of that, there are so many strange things...the Princess only has a few soldiers and Beiloune...
What is she going on about!? All that chatter's getting us nowhere!
I understand that if the Princess is the lead character, then she is protected while in the world but... But the lead was a mere doll!? ...Why? Why is that! She is a doll!? It cannot be, it cannot be true! She had such nerve, was high-handed and such a... pretty person! She could be so happy or so jealous, like a normal girl... It cannot be true! What is this... What is going on...

But you may want to stop and consider your prospects.
Oh, you're unusually serious now. It's not like you, clown scholar.
Please, this is serious, King Stan. Now, what should we consider...?


A doll Beiloune was controlling with his power. The power of "classification" he called it. He said that it works for all of us... Many thing make sense when we think of them in terms of the power of "classification". Like the strange way this world works. We never think too much about it logically. We have never questioned it.

Anyway, as for the Princess... The doll... which according to Beiloune was in fact his daughter... Beiloune made the doll his daughter so he could let it be free and play as he wanted his real daughter to. The real daughter got lost in this world, in the past... It seems strange to go to such great lengths just to let a doll play. But Beiloune is obsessed. And on the subject, what sort of magic is powerful enough to give a doll life? The powers he used must be something beyond magic.

Now, what should we consider...?


He created this world by separating this world, with the power of "classification", from a larger world. But he lost the real Princess, his daughter, in the world he created... We don't know when it happened though. So when he couldn't find the girl, he made the doll...her replacement. Just so he could delude himself and have his daughter back... And now he blames you. You who changed the doll daughter and destroyed his illusion.

He could gain his life, his illusion back.

Now, what should we consider...?



The world "classified" in Beiloune's mind has gone even further than "classification". The residents... Ghosts as well as ourselves... If it's true, then we are all actors... Performers playing out their roles. I am playing the role of scholar, and maybe you are playing the role of an ordinary boy... Stan, you are playing an antagonist called the Evil King and Rosalyn, you are playing a righteous hero attempting to defeat him.

It should have been safe. If the history of Evil Kings and Heroes in this world is the history that he let his daughter play in... Then we cannot imagine, how long he and his daughter have existed... If this world is indeed some tiny garden as Beiloune says, created by the power of "classification"...

Anyway... What should we do now? Beiloune said that he'll create the ultimate Evil King and send it after you, Ari.

Well, in any case, whoever is the ultimate Evil King is another issue. I think it is risky to wait for Beiloune to complete this creature and send it after you. I think we should go and find him before he can finish the thing. The longer we wait, the more time he has to prepare for us. Now the hero, Ms. Rosalyn, the former Evil Kings and myself are also "deviants" in this world.
Leave it to the scholar to complicate things. In short, we hit him before he hits us.
Exactly. To be honest, I don't know if we can find where the new Evil King is before it's completed though.
Sounds good. That pompous Beiloune angered me so, I almost lost my composure.

Pretty gross but it sounds great. That's the right attitude King Stan. What do you think, Ms. Rosalyn?

And I am a hero, regardless of the "classification"! I will challenge the Evil King and win by myself!
I have always been the Evil King. My greatness defies any "classification"! I will pound this new Evil King into fine powder and sweep him under the rug of my restored throne!! Then I will defeat you, blasted "Hero"!

Nobody has been over there, right?
Fine. We'll search for the enemy there!
Anyway... If Princess Marlene is a doll, where is the real Princess Marlene who disappeared from this world...?

Heading into the unknown land believed to exist beyond Triste...