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Part 14: I'll gobble you whole, little missy!

Music: Home Sweet Home

Well, you have grown since the last time I saw you. I am so proud! Whoa, who is that beauty over there?

I am the hero, Rosalyn, traveling with Ari.
That's my son. Excellent taste in women. You lady-killer! By the way, is Stan's world conquest going well?

Boy, I had no idea a great Evil King wouldn't be able to conquer the world because a woman interrupted him...
Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, isn't it an exciting party? ...Uh? And you?
I am the world's top scholar, Gutten Kisling! How do you do.
Hmm. You are a true scholar. I can tell.
Ha ha ha, you too. I can tell in a glance that you're no layman.
Ha ha ha, interesting. We should exchange ideas later.
Deal. Ha ha ha ha...
Ha ha ha ha! Excellent! Come on, everybody. This way! Oh, that reminds me, Ari. You have a pretty guest. Who do you think it is?

Annie's friend?
A stray cat?
I dunno.

Ha ha ha, you'll find out soon. Now, everybody!

We all head into the kitchen.


I like how her name is "Girl in a Dress" instead of "Princess" or "Marlene" or "Princess Marlene"

What? What? Whaaaat!? P-Princess! Why are you here!?
Mm. I was enjoying a stroll when I saw a pathetic big house, so I was interested and dropped by. Anyway, this house is cozy. It is like an old shoe. I was surprised that this is the house of Ari, the offender, though.

You attacked the Princess like a wild animal. Is that true?

Yes, it's true...
No way!
It wasn't like that...

No, you don't need to say anything! I understand. You couldn't resist. I'm so happy. You were so timid before and look at you know. You've become a strapping young lad! Actually, Ari, your father used to be really... (Giggle)...
...Um, excuse me, mother?
But Ari, you shouldn't rush. You have to go in steps. Girls are sensitive, okay! And be responsible, okay?
That's right, Ari. Take responsibility.
Excuse me, Princess... What is responsibility... Oh, no...

...What? What?
Listen, Rosalyn. I am sick and tired of the same old journeys. I only see boring things when I listen to whatever Beiloune says. I cannot stay up late, I cannot take a walk or talk to people! I am bored! So I snuck out. And I heard good news in this village.
They say there are many Evil Kings in this world now. So I decided. I and my servant will subjugate Evil Kings and discharge my duty as a Princess!
Oh no, Princess! It is too dangerous!
Oh, silence! That is why you exist. You are to guard me from danger!
...Huh? Then what? Are we your servants?
Yes, you are. I was at the Aquatic Ruins to select my guard. Did Beiloune not tell you? Beiloune chose you. Do you understand, Rosalyn?
It is my privilege, your Highness. But Princess... We should let Beiloune know...
There is no need. He is too wearisome. Rosalyn, this is my duty as a Princess. Rosalyn, right for me as my chosen hero!

I understand, I got it! Oh, "chosen hero"! What a beautiful term! ...Ahem, excuse me. I, Hero Rosalyn, will guard your Highness for a while! However... Um... Could you just not let Ari accompany you? Because actually...
No way! Never! Ari, I have something to tell you. Come closer!

And I cannot forgive your deed! You are my servant for the rest of your life!

...Humph. Ari, I have always wanted to ask you. What is this cheeky shadow?
Ha ha ha ha! Let me educate you on the nature of my being! I am the one and only King of Evil! My reign over the evil of this world is absolute. I, Evil King Stan! And this Ari you are bossing around is my loyal slave!
Oh? Really.
Yes! Listen and keep this well in mind! It is my prerogative to use my geeky servant to subjugate this world's fake Evil Kings! He's not a play thing for little girls!

How dare you, idiot Evil King! To talk to her Highness like that! You idiot idiot idiot Evil King! I am sorry your Highness... He is just fathomlessly stupid...
...Rosalyn. Why are you apologizing?
...Oh, that's right... By the way, your Highness. It's him! He is the bad monster!
Hmmm, indeed it seems this shadow has a mind of his own separate from Ari. Well, but there are many self-proclaimed Evil Kings. I don't mind, Ari.
It's true... Your Highness, believe me. He is really the Evil King!
Hey, what is this "I don't mind"! Shouldn't you be a little scared? Anyway, Ari is mine!
No, he is mine.

Who do you think I am? I do not buy such an empty threat. ...Ari, I ask you. Who can use you? Who is your master? Is it me? Or this vulgar shadow? Think hard. Is it me? Or this shadow?

It's you, your Highness.
It's Stan.
It's Rosalyn.

Sorry Stan, but I think this girl is totally into me. You understand, right?

Well said! That's my man, Ari! So everything is settled! Ari is my servant!

I actually felt a little bit guilty when I read that line.

Haven't I been a good Evil King to you!? Grrr, this is unforgivable!!!
...Heavenly days. What a helpless self-proclaimed Evil King. Then how about this. 90% of Ari is mine. And 10% of it is yours.
Argh... I don't know what is going on... Your Highness!
What!? That's highway robbery! At least half is mine!
No way. I won. I can't give you more than a quarter.
Wait a minute! This doesn't work!! At least a third is mine!
...Fine. Then how about this, instead...

The only thing Ari could do was watch helplessly...

We're placed into Ari's room. On our way out...

Father's Voice: So, according to my hypothesis, ancient people used rocks to clip their toe nails.
Kisling's Voice: Mmm. Interesting observation. But then, what about the issue from the idealistic point of view?
Father's Voice: Hmmm! Idealistic point of view, eh? Insteresting question!
Kisling's Voice: Then going even further beyond idealism into the possible existential effects...
Father's Voice: Indeed, indeed! Then you go back to the drawing board of theorems...
Kisling's Voice: Now, how about bronze age toenail clipping...
Father's Voice: Oh, where to begin?

We head across the stairs and check out Annie's room next.

Yup! But having a pink shadow isn't all bad. I get a lot of attention. Cheer up Rosalyn!
You are strong, Annie. I can't...
Oh Rosalyn! When you're sad, I'm sad!
Oh Annie...

I am learning the charms of mature women from Rosalyn. Leave us alone, Ari.

Alright, we head downstairs and check out the living room.

It was right then, to send you on an adventure.
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right, honey.

Lastly, we enter the kitchen.

Music: Theme of Triste

Hmm, cooking is deep. I did not realize it at all. I did not have somebody called "Mother" assigned. I hope I have a "Mother" on my next adventure. A new starting point, too. I would rather start from a real ordinary house rather than from a castle.

Oh, I'm sorry your Highness. Talking to you like this...
I do not know why... But I do not mind being talked to like that when it is you, Mother. Actually, it makes me relax... Mother does not care about my class at all. Interesting...
Hee, hee. Your Highness... You are my son's pretty girlfriend. I think that is the most important thing for me. Because I am an ordinary mother.
...I am not his girlfriend! I have just...met him...
Really? But...

...Ouch! Oh my god, Mother!

Music: Home Sweet Home

(Chuckle) It's like having one more daughter.

Now that we've made a lap around the house, we go back to Ari's room.

Am I not gentle and caring to my eternal servants? Surely you understand that I am far more gracious than that little red twit! Ha ha ha!

Later that night...

Ari wakes up in the night.

And heads down to the cellar...

Oh, it's you... Ari. What are you doing this late at night?

That is enough self-proclaimed Evil King! Do not confuse me with you!
Oh, that was clever, carrot-top!
But, why do I feel so comfortable in this house? ...Despite having lived almost never leaving my castle? I have never visited such a place...

She taught me cooking and somehow, she made me feel very loved. I would like to thank her for that. Beiloune says that a Princess must always maintain her honor. By the way, Ari. Have you heard of a thing called "Moon Beam Grass"?

Sure have.
What's that?
Sounds groovy.

It is a flower that reflects moon beams and shines beautifully. I would like to give it to your mother. I am going out to seach for it. I will be back before dawn. Take care of things, Ari.

Marlene leaves the room, and Ari follows to the entrance.

What? To find a flower? No way! It's dangerous with lots of ghosts out at night! If anything happens to the Princess! Ari, I'm going to look for the Princess! If you like, you can help me too, Ari!

Music: None

Rosalyn leads us to the circus grounds. I wonder why the performers left without packing up all their stuff, anyway? (because they didn't want to model a version of this field without a tent in it)

Oh, Ari, the Princess is over there.

I am watching here in case ghosts come, so why don't you help the Princess, Ari?

And so he does.

...Thank you. I looked around most of here. Please look over there, Ari.

Ari and Marlene look around while Rosalyn keeps watch for ghosts.

And they continue to search, while Rosalyn continues to bust ghosts.

......I see. I feel pathetic. I cannot even show my appreciation to a mother who was so nice to me.

Oh, that is...!

Ari steps forward and grabs the flower.

Music: Home Sweet Home

I do not deserve your kindness, your Highness. Now, please wash your hands.
Huh? Oh, I did not realize it. Now, let us rest. I will go and wash myself.

(Giggle)... She worked so hard to give that to your mother... I've re-thought my opinion of her. Well, Ari. You must be tired too. Why don't you take a rest?

Ari returns to his room to rest...

???: Ari!

Get ready to come down to the lobby. Everybody is waiting for you. And when I present the flower to your mom, you must be accompanied by me! Understood?

The lobby? What is this, a hotel?

We head down to the "lobby."

Yes indeed. It was a pretty doll and your mother's favorite... But we lost it when we moved. Your mother cried so much.
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right honey.

Yes, we still have far more to discuss. And experiments to perform.
I'm looking forward do it!
Indeed! Good luck! Oh, by the way, son. Be well and become stronger.

Rosalyn... Come back, promise? I'll will be waiting... [sic]
Yes, I will! I won't forget my dear Annie!
Rosalyn... Please be safe! ...Take care, Ari.

Oh dear... Well of course, your Highness.
Good. Thank you, Mother. And please, take this...
Oh my, these flowers are beautiful. Oh dear, I need some water and a vase for them. Thank you so much, your Highness.
You took really good care of me.
My pleasure. You are welcome here, anytime! Oh, look at you. You are so pretty. Just like a doll! You look just like the doll we had in our basement... It was such a pretty doll... Sometimes I really miss it...

Present that to her Highness later, okay?


Yes, the thing I gave you when you departed for the journey. Don't miss your chance, now!
Go for it, Ari. Good luck!

Ahem. Now let's get started. Father, please.
Um. Now, wishing your journey to be a happy one... One two three...

Ari departs on a journey joining a strange group of characters. The Evil King, a Hero, a Scholar and a Princess... In addition, after haphazard negotiations, 30% of him is now a slave to the Evil King, and 70% of him is a servant to the Princess... After this... Who knows what could happen to this unfortunate boy?

Music: Forest of Willkur

What is "that" your mother was talking about when we were leaving?

It's a music box.
It's a voice recorder.
I don't know.

Music: Melody from the box

............Are you giving this to me?

Give it to her.
Don't give it to her.

Really? I am glad, Ari. I love this sound.
Ho, hold on, Ari. Just hold on. I heard it from Annie but you were given this by your mom to give to someone you love, right? I don't want to think about it, but...don't you think there is a class difference?

Give it to her anyway.
Don't give it to her.

I, the Princess should not take a present with such a special meaning so easily.
Then I'll take it from you.
Hello, it's nothing to do with you, Idiot Evil King!
...But Ari is my servant...So Ari's property is my property. So, as an exception, I can accept this device.

...Ari presented "Old Music Box" to Princess!