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Okage: Shadow King

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 8: I'll smash you, slam you and blow my nose on you!

Music: Sewer Dungeon

We arrive in the Sewer Dungeon. A cutscene begins after we take a few steps.

Music: The Cellar

You are rude like hell, miss. You-
A t-talking rat!?
I'm not a rat. I am THE Sewer Evil King!
No way!
A rude woman. She's obviously a little slow, too.
No! No way! It's completely different! The one who did this to me was a menacing one with a potent power. Although he was sealed in... Oh, where the hell is he, the darn creep! I didn't come all the way here to meet such a puny popcorn poky one!
Gee, are you the queen of rude from the country of rude? Who do you think I am? I am the Sewer Evil King! I am the big boss shooting for world conquest.

I cannot answer why. I am an Evil King 'cuz I am an Evil King. The only reason could be... I was born that way. And soon I will acquire the title of Great Evil King! And my world conquest starts with the sewer!
Hahahahaha! Hey sewer rodent! I am the one and only Great Evil King Stan the reincarnation of Great Evil King Gohma. Don't tell me you didn't know! Heed, mouse! I, Stan, will pass judgement on you for the crime of pretending to be an Evil King!

Huh? Stan? I've never heard of you. Besides, you know... Nobody would be scared by such a fluffy floppy shadow.
What did you say? Uggh, I can't stand it anymore! I'll smash you, slam you and blow my nose on you!
Gee, you're rude, too. And annoying! Anyway, in a case like this, it's best to just kill everybody all together!

Video: Sewer Evil King
Music: Evil King Battle

The Sewer Evil King has four lackeys. We have a second party member now, however, so we're only outnumbered five to two, instead of five to one.

I want to kill those little rats as quickly as possible, so Ari casts Overdrive on Rosalyn, and she immediately bursts on her turn.

She missed one rat, but Ari takes him out on his turn. (By the way, note our LP. Rosalyn's magic stat of 10 brought our LP up to 21, but the game didn't fill it up for us. Thanks a lot, Okage.

Now that all the lackeys are gone, we can focus our power on the Sewer Evil King. It's time to introduce a new mechanic that requires two or more party members.

First we tell a character to wait, and leave them waiting until another character's bar fills up. And then...

Music: Evil King Battle (Disadvantage)

Okay, sometimes you set things up and have to change your plans because someone punches Ari right in his face. Remember, without Ari there is no Stan, and without Stan, the game is over. Thankfully, we learned Mend between Tenel and Madril. Mend is a spell that costs 4LP and restores 30HP to a single party member.

Once we get back into a safe positon, we can try out the Combine mechanic.

To Combine, you need one or two party members waiting, and then with the last party member, choose Combine from the Attack menu. That character and all characters waiting will combine their powers on a single enemy.

Combine does significantly more damage than telling each character to do an ordinary attack, so it's generally better to combine than to use regular attacks against a single target.

After a couple more combines, the battle comes to an end. Ari reaches level 5, and Rosalyn gets about 500 EP.

Music: None

The Sewer Evil King shrinks to a pathetic state.

I lost...? Have I really lost? Is this real?

The Sewer Evil King flees.

Ha ha ha, there you are, rat! Whoa!

Ha ha ha, fair work, slave! But, he was a fake Evil King anyway. It was cake, ha ha ha!

It was a piece of cake!
It wasn't that easy.

(Then why was I doing all the work?)

I didn't see you helping out when my HP dropped to 4, Stan.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Now, let's go back to the surface, slave!

Music: The Encounter

At last. At last I found you...Found you... ..........Yes, it was three years ago. I'll never forget...

I casually opened the bottle and suddenly, my shadow was haunted by a terrible Evil King! The only thing left for me was to take my own life. I placed my knife to my throat... Suddenly the Evil King fell into a rage in my shadow! And he...he complained!

"This armored woman's shadow is not suitable for I, the Evil King Stan!" he said. At that, the Evil King left my shadow and returned to the bottle...

Hee hee hee!
Wow, that must have been rough.

I see what he was talking about.

But it wasn't the end. My real hardship started after that...

Rosalyn lowers her Parasol.

Pink, you know, pink! Not even a tasteful pink, but flourescent pink! I used to be the idol of my Hero's University, admired by everybody and super elite. But since then, I have become a dropout hero and nobody takes me seriously. Everywhere, people laugh at me... "I can't trust you because you have a pink shadow hee hee hee!" And I am out of work now...
You, woman! You make it sound like you were the only victim, but you kicked my bottle off the mountain! Thanks to you I had to wait in a deserted woods until a stupid hunter picked me up. You cannot imagine how lonely I was!
Co-dependent, much? You deserved it!

Rosalyn draws her sword.

Now, Evil King Stan! You know what I want! Bring my shadow back to its original state, take back your rude statement about my nice body and then... Die under my sword!
Ha ha ha ha! Try if you can, girl hero! I am the shadow of Ari now! You cannot slash a shadow. You cannot even touch me!
Then how about this?

Then you'll have to go back into the bottle How about that?

Don't do it Rosalyn!
Help me Stan!

Ok, this sucks.

Hey, I thought you were a hero. Are you going to kill an innocent boy? Huh?

What are you doing Stan, you look ridiculous.

It's okay by me!

Oh my god.
Calm down, Rosalyn!
Would it help to beg?

Come on, what do you think? Are you willing to wait another several hundred years for an ideal host to come along?
Argh, you brat!
You lost, Evil King stan! I won't take his life just yet... If you bring my shadow back!

Do it Stan.
Don't do it Stan.
As long as I'm safe...

Well...I can't, at this moment.
What do you mean by that! You don't care about this boy's life? Look! I'm placing my sword to his throat!

(I won't die)
(My entire life passed in front of me...)

(I'm going to cry!!!)

Calm down. Stop threatening my slave and let me explain.
Come on, Evil King Stan. Why can't you bring my shadow back?
Your shadow is the sign of my influence on your being. But I don't have enough power to erase the sign I placed. The power I used to have was lost while I was in the bottle. And I found out a moment ago... Those stupid self-proclaimed Evil Kings have been appropriating the power and using it. Therefore, I cannot bring your shadow back now. However...
However? However what!? Just spit it out!
I promise that once I subjugate all the fake Evil Kings & completely regain my power back, I'll bring your shadow back first. In other words, if you help me, then I can revive faster, and you can return to your original state faster.

It's a nice idea!
It's crazy...

Hmm, good logic.

You're saying that I should help you be revived as the Evil King?

I'm a hero! A hero! Don't think you can manipulate me! Besides! Who would trust a promise from an Evil King!

Music: Shadow Contest

Okay. Then I don't care.
Oh? Is that right? You don't care about this boy, huh?

Stop it!

I'm starving, can we eat?

It's your fault to begin with casually opening the bottle! Imbecile woman!
It's your fault. Just because a pretty girl uncorked your bottle doesn't mean you need to joyfully come out!
Who's the pretty girl? That is quite enough of your lip! You fat butt!
What the hell part of me is fat? You flat-butted, three-dimensionally challenged Evil King!
How dare you, airhead. You, stupid stupid stupid stupid brat!
The person who says stupid is stupid! You, stupid stupid stupid Evil King!

went on and on and on... And then, late that very night...

Music: Theme of Madril R

Hey slave! Why is this woman in my room?

What do you mean by this woman?
I dunno...

Ask her.

Ugh, that's cheeky of you!
Ha ha ha ha! I finally found my foe. Why would I let you go?
Hah, it means that you are becoming my servant?
Don't be silly, stupid Evil King!

Hold on...
Oh, geez.

Great, they're gonna start bickering again.

Huh, poor thing. You don't understand the greatness of moi, Evil King Stan. Is your head made of steel too? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha, look, slave. That is the face of a confused woman! Ha ha ha!
Yeah right. Greatness. I guess such a great Evil King wouldn't have any weaknesses, huh?
Of course not. By the way, why don't you close your parasol indoors. It looks, well, STUPID!
S-shut up!

Hold on...
Yeah, it is pretty stupid.

Nope, doesn't rain indoors much.

...(Puff)...Calm down, Rosalyn. I'll ask you again... Even an Evil King must have a blind spot, right?
Ha ha ha, you really are a clod! I won't be traaped by such a leading question. Of course I don't have one! Nice try, brat!
Yeah right. Fine. I'm tired and I'm taking a break. Why don't you go to sleep, too?
Hee hee hee. You don't understand, fool. I don't need to sleep, I am the Evil King! As long as the shadow of the slave exists in the world, my rule continues. Ha ha ha ha!

Rosalyn runs to the door and cuts off the light.

"I'm Stan! I'm so Evil! I'm soooo supreme! When I appear the heavens quake with fear!" (Chuckle)... At last, we are alone, Ari...

Oh, you shouldn't Rosalyn.
Yes, we are...

And it's dark. I follow ya...

I love how every single one of these choices implies the same thing.

Shhh! Be quiet and listen. I got it because stupid there said, "As long as the shadow exists." I suspected he couldn't come out in the dark where there are no shadows. It seems that I was right. Listen Ari, I have an important matter to discuss, just between us...

But I'm younger than you...
Yes, honey bunny?

What's wrong with you, Rosalyn? Ari's still a minor!

Huh? Why do you care about being young? Anyway, the important matter is...

The power of the royal family is considerable. If we can meet the Princess and talk about Stan, then maybe... She will punish Stan. If everything works out, she may separate Stan from you... Then you can be happy and my shadow will return to its original state. Got it? Right, then. Why don't we go find the Princess?


Let me think.

(Sigh) Poor thing. Stan brainwashed you... Fine. I'll accompany you until you realize the truth.

Well, good night. I'm looking forward to accompanying you.

Rosalyn leaves the room.

Evil King and Hero. What kind of turmoil will these two enemies create? Things are looking even worse for this unfortunate boy...

Here we have concept art of Rosalyn, including a disappointly tiny shot of her initial design. It's good to know they planned to give her ridiculous head gear from the start.