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Okage: Shadow King

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 36: Abusing my slave brings amusement few other activities can match.

Music: Beiloune-Hatter

But I won't kill you. It's too much work. Now, I'm satisfied. You're free. Go!

I am leaving for the vast open world in search of Marlene...... Marlene will no longer be able to find our home by herself... To find me in the unmeasured, spreadout world... So, I must search for her... The time is finite now. No matter how long it takes, not a doll but a true......

Beiloune staggers away and vanishes.

Music: Breakdown

And then the whole place starts to shake!

Our party gets the heck outta there!

As our party crosses the bridge, it collapses behind them.

And we watch as the World Library sinks into the abyss...

Music: Afterwards...

Oouf... So, the world has changed somehow? It doesn't seem to be changed at all.
Well, it is not the matter of the world but the cognition of its residents. From now on, we do not have to function within the set frame. Our meaning is as we wish it.
Whatever. I'm an Evil King. It's not my concern whether classifications are erased or not. I have pride in being an Evil King. Thus, I'm off to seek true evil!

I will follow you anywhere you go!
Oh James! ...By the way, when you didn't appear, where and what were you doing?
Well, I obediently watched over you in the background. Not daring to interfere with the Master.

You will hear my name again as ruler of this wide world! If you visit me then, maybe we can have some fun again. So long! Ha ha ha ha!

Stan and James take their leave.

Humph, how cold-hearted! I was denied out final fight...

Stupid Stan! What about my shadow! He just ran away like that! Besides, I am a hero! I shouldn't leave an Evil King who seeks evil alone! That's right! Now, I have to catch Stan and make him give my old life back. Now I gotta go, Ari, see you!

And Rosalyn gives chase.

N-no way! I did not!
It's okay! Let's go, Epros! Later, Ari gator!

Linda, your joke wouldn't work at all if I had put my own name in instead of leaving it as Ari.

Linda and Epros leave.

I am going to observe all of the strange and interesting phenomena of this world. Through the great multidimensional neurodynamic intellectual engine residing in my cranium.

Kisling leaves us.

I'll set up a training center for macho men everywhere! I'll have a mighty macho army ready for next time, bro! See ya!

And Big Bull charges away, leaving Ari alone.

Finally, the boy begins his journey home.

Music: None

I highly recommend the video. If you cannot watch it, it's transcribed below.

Ari walks along the path to Tenel.

And he stops to look at the Moonbeam Grass along the way.

Meanwhile, in Triste, the residents are leaving their homes.

Music: Dance with Merle

KT walks down the street, past talking villagers.

She stops briefly at this house, and continues on her way.

Music: Melody from the Box

But something catches her attention, and she turns around.

A girl exits the house...

She heads towards Triste's gate, and KT continues walking in the opposite direction.

Music: Afterwards...

KT continues walking, straight through Triste's back exit.

Meanwhile, Rosalyn searches for Stan.

But she has no luck.

And a man approaches her from behind!

A rival hero!?

Big Bull charges through and tramples him, however, making short work of the man.

As Rosalyn continues her search for Stan, she passes a familiar girl.

Meanwhile, in Madril, the Spotted Cats and the Whisker Moles are having some sort of argument, while a scholar and a CEO discuss something in the background.

The children run between the two men

And knock the CEO to the ground.

Kisling doesn't seem to mind, though.

Meanwhile, it would appear that Epros has joined the circus, using his magic to put on shows.

And Linda's here too, happily performing for the masses!

No one's happy to hear her perform, however.

Linda would sooner kill than see her career go down in flames!

Epros steps in and teleports her away.

And at last, Ari arrives at Tenel.

Skinny Boy: You came back at the right time. It's the annual festival today! It's crazy in the village. Everybody's real busy. Why don't you go and help them? The more help they've got, the better! Your dad is organizing things in front of town hall. Hurry, go!

Ari heads into the village to help. Characteristically, he doesn't point out that Skinny Boy and the ugly kid aren't helping, and they're probably way less exhausted than Ari is, who literally just walked across the entire world.

Music: The Festival

Apologies for the sound effects. This track isn't present on the OST, and the text advances automatically through the ending, so there's no way to get a clean track.

Hmmmm... You're really looking tougher now. Not my type, though. Ari, I've made up my mind! You're not my ideal man anymore. But my prince must be out there somewhere. So I'm going to wait. My docile, obedient dream prince is out there. I know it.

Julia, how many times are you going to break up with Ari before you're satisifed? You've given him this speech no less than four times now.

Scared Guy: Do you wanna know what happened? A totally new world was discovered beyond the outer edge of the world. What's so scary about it? You never know what scary things there are. Brrrrr. Scary!

Gossip Girl: A weird, black, shadowy thing. Is that the rumored ghost? Oh, so you don't believe me, Ari? But it's true. She told me she saw it this morning near your house!

Ari continues to town hall.

Your return this time doesn't seem like a simple visit. So, what did you learn, son? I want to listen to your stories, but right now, my hands are full getting ready for the festival. Put aside the stories for now and give me a hand, huh? You must be tired from the long trip, so you can let the others carry all the stuff.

I appreciate it! See you later.

I highly recommend watching the video. If you cannot watch it, it's transcribed below.

On his way to pick up lunch, Ari passes Annie.

I was having a hard time listening to dad's crazy theories while you were gone. Oh, that reminds me! I met a girl a while ago. She asked me if Ari's house was this way. So I showed her the way to our house!

Well, I gotta go! The festival only comes once a year. Can't miss an oppportunity to test my feminine wiles.

Ari runs home as quickly as he can.

Music: Dance with Merle

Hee hee, I am so proud of you, finding such a pretty girl on your adventure! Come on, don't just stand there. Come inside. Oh no, I have to deliver lunch to almost everybody in the village.

Oh really? Are you sure? Can you cook?

Hee, hee. Of course.

Mom enters the house.

Ari and the girl follow, holding hands.

Video: Credits
Music: HigherBreath

And that's it. We've reached the end of the game.

Okage certainly isn't a perfect game by any means. The gameplay is tedious, slow, repetitive, and frankly isn't fun most of the time. But the story, characters, and writing more than make up for it.

Okage was the first game I played on the PS2, and to this day remains not only one of my favorites on the system, but one of my favorite games of all time. It truly is a wonderful experience, and it's worth playing if you ever get the chance, if only for the NPC dialog I had to cut to keep this LP from going on for an extra twenty updates.

So thank you for joining me on this quirky journey to subjugate Fake Evil Kings and end the power of classification. Farewell.

Music: Stan's Theme

Ah, what kind of calamity shall I heap upon him next?