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Part 4: Page 4

We decide fording rivers is much more important than food or oxen or clothes. Luckily the river is really fucking close.

Unfortunately, Colonel Clink has a problem.

We make it safetly to the river, although along the way we run into problems of inadequate grass.

We have a problem. This river is 20 fucking feet deep. Fording it may mean the end of our journey. Do we risk it anyway?

Inspired by the true greatness of Gerald FORD we move on ahead. This may have been a mistake.

With four dead in a tragic fording accident we have no choice but to have Steven carry on alone.

As you can see I have 15 pounds of food left. This means I must go hunting immediately. Luckyily I don't have to share the wealth with those other ingrates now.

Before that happens, tragedy strikes!

I get some more food, but there is a problem. With one oxen left its going to take a long long time to get to where i need to go. He can only travel one mile per day. I'll let you know of any releveant developments

In order to continue I had to make some adjustments. Changing to greuling allowed me to travel 3 miles per day instead of one. I got sick twice and there was no grass or food anywhere so I had to stop a whole bunch of times. Also I was robbed and and a bunch of other things that would have taken ages to get pictures of. However, I did reach MY MOTHER FUCKING GOAL.

With no other options and no place to buy supplies I continue onward and upward.

I hunted and killed some bears along the way. Now I am at the fort and I am going to buy a shitton of food and oxen.

Note that we are almost in December at the moment because of how damn slow my oxen were moving. Here is my new supply list.

Now I'm on my way again! Here is our next location.

We made it to our location. We have such a nice Indian friend here to greet us.

If it isn't my old nemisis once more. What is the proper course of action to take?