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Part 3: Loyal Citizen Part 4

Update - Loyal Citizen Part 4

This video is covering days ten to twelve. I made a use out of the upgrades in this video, they definitely make a lot of difference. These few days focus a lot more on the storyline and they thankfully give you a break from the ever changing paperwork.


News & amendments for day ten

No changes to paperwork, but we have a new friend. Meet Dimitri, our boss:

Who gives us this certificate for our fine work:

Eight citations within the first ten days is my new personal record. I've checked the numbers on the Papers, Please wikia for the two other certificates you could of received. If you receive zero citations he awards you with a certificate for excellence. If it's twenty-one or more you are awarded with one for presence.

Ezic visited us again today who gave us this card punched with holes.

Well, there's only one logical use for it, aligning it with the gobbleygook card gives us a name:

News & amendments for day eleven

This is the first day where forged documents without seals appear in the game. It's apparent in the video I had never worked out how to challenge documents without seals before now. Before I just denied them, I should of looked it up before I started the day. But I worked it out, using the wrong page in the rule book but with the right objection. As long as you point to a part of the rulebook stating that documents need seals then it's fine. But now for some good news:

Our friend Jorji returns with not only a valid passport, but also a valid entry permit. He's so happy to enter he gives us a present.

A coin from Obristan, one of the seven collectibles in the game. You could of attained this coin if you had let him through before but you would of also gained a citation. If you deny him at this point then you won't have another chance to receive this coin for the rest of the game. There's two coins you could of attained before this one, but it means bending the rules and receiving a citation. There's only three that you can collect without receiving a legitimately. Shortly after Jorji passes through another familiar face makes an appearance:

Our friend Calensk returns, we detained ten people which should give us a nice $25 bon... bastard!

Hello again, what can I do for...

...oh! He didn't have the correct documents so tough shit!

News & amendments for day twelve

Aarrgghhh! How did he sneak in? Meet M. Vonel from the Ministry Of Information.

Who is looking for any evidence of a group who uses this symbol:

Hmm... That looks oddly familiar... So all three days have had no new or amended paperwork to deal with at all, the only change has been the presence of forged documents without seals. But we've seen a couple of old faces and made some new friends. Before the day is over we make one last friend. Meet Messof Anegovych:

Who wants us to do him a favour by handing out his business card to any engineers that pass through the checkpoint.

As a bonus he'll pay us five credits for every response he receives. It's not against the rules so I'm all for it. So it's a nice, quiet day. Wait, is that the alarm? Well, until next time...