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Part 18: Day 6: Liberation

Day 6: Liberation

Hello again. When we last saw Eve, she died and melted into Ellis Island. Now is the time to party, and Look at the aftermath

Eve was well known for her use of subtle metaphors.

Let's see what's going on inside.

Hey! It's Wayne! And he wants to name one gun and one piece of armor. When you play a new game in EX mode you start with the gear you named, and every non-key item you put in storage will be waiting for you when you see Wayne again. Normally I'd ask you guys what to name the gear, but it doesn't matter for this playthrough so I'm just gonna guess what you would pick.

Free stuff! I take everything, and lots of it.

You can say that again

Aya feels something weird.

That's right. The giant walking laser-shooting goo man was actually a uterus Eve dumped her baby into after leaving the museum.

Something emerges from the goo

Coming to a theater near you...

It's Revenge of Silly Baby!

Silly Baby has had enough, and he's going to get even!

Aya: ...You've got to be kidding...

Maeda: ...THAT is the Ultimate Being. We... didn't make it in time...

Danny: ...What're these explosions?!

Maeda: The mitochondrial energy must be out of control... to the point where it is causing these explosions...!

Danny: Guess all we can do for now is RUN!!! Aya, c'mon!

Maeda: Aya...! What's wrong...?

Aya: I... I have to take care of this.

Danny: Aya!!, NO!!!

Aya: Don't worry about me. I'll be back!

Pilot: Please hurry!

Danny: Shut up, man!

Maeda: Aya, please take...

Danny: Cut it out with the voodoo stuff already, huh?! We can't be wastin' time!!

Maeda: No, Daniel, please! This is different! It's not the voodoo stuff...

Get lost and take your weaksauce voodoo charms with you!

Aya gets ready for yet another grueling boss fight.

And here he comes!

They took his family, his friends, his car... But they can never take...

His vengeance!

Oh Silly Baby

Fun fact: I mistakenly confused this child of an evil monster/human hybrid with the one from Species. Species baby has the wiener, this one does not.


Silly Baby explodes

Okay so it's sort of an anorexic Sephiroth thing, I guess. Shouldn't be too hard to kill, I mean I-

What the FUCK!


I just hope he doesn't split in half again.

His lensflare attacks are no match for my kung-fu.

Wasn't that thing in Final Fantasy VII?

The fully grown Ultimate Being's about as close to invincible as you can get. Every attack, even Liberate, does 2 points of damage at the most.

Plus he has these little thingies that zip around shooting lasers. Things are looking bleak.

Maeda: If only we could get this to Aya!

Danny: What're those?...

Maeda: They're bullets with Aya's cells in them.

Danny: So that's what you were trying to give her!

Maeda: But... I think it's too late now... There's nothing we can do...

Danny: Stupid!! Give 'em to ME!!!

Danny jumps

Is that a flying black man?

Too old for this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Either from the Ultimate Being or the friction of moving too fast, Danny's on fire.

Is that a flying black man on fire?

On fire, falling fast with no parachute, and Danny still manages to perfectly throw Aya the clip.

Welp, Danny's dead. If the fire or the fall didn't get him, he would have broken his neck hitting the water that fast at that angle. Even if he survived all THAT, he's in the middle of the ocean. In winter. At night. And any rescue team would explode from getting too close to the Ultimate Being.

Maeda's gun finally becomes useful! I have no fucking clue why he gave Aya the gun without the bullets in the first place, but whatever.

The magic cell bullets make short work of UB.

And he dies!

I'm gonna hang that skull over my mantle.

Wait, what? He's still alive?!

God dammit.

Next time on PE: The big chase