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Part 110: Hableries

And now for the inaugural edition of:

Better Know A Shadow: Hableries

Name: Hablerie
Arcanum: Magician
Design: Spherical, with a Magician mask on one side and a grinning mouth on the other. A huge tongue protrudes from the mouth.
First Appearance: Twisted Shopping District
Spoils: Teeth
Notes: Hableries are one of the more common Shadow chassis, and we see them throughout the entire game in one form or another. As their Magician Arcanum suggests most Hableries are armed with a school of elemental magic. Many will also use either weak physical specials or normal Attacks. Hableries are generally among the weakest Shadows in any given area, which they compensate for by coming in groups as large as five with regularity. Once you've figured out what attacks work on them, though, you should be able to sweep them from the field with trivial ease. They tend to follow predictable lines in their elemental properties, resisting the element they use and being weak to its opposite.

General Combat Assessment:
Offense: Weak/Moderate (Attack + One Element (often))
Defense: Weak (Predictable Elemental Characteristics)
Threat Assessment: Minor.