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Part 65: 9/27/11-9/28/11


Kanji wanted me to come along when he went to see that kid from before, so I agreed.

> It seems Kanji called the boy here…
Here's the stuff I promised ya.
N-No complaining, okay…?
> Kanji handed the boy what appears to be a bunny doll…
> …It's complete with clothes, a ribbon, a hat and an umbrella.
> It's… very elaborate.
Quiet-Looking Boy: Whoa!!
This is incredible! Where'd you buy it!?
Huh…? Wh-Who cares!?
Quiet-Looking Boy: But I want one too!
Oh… Well, I got one for you.
> Kanji handed the boy another bunny…
> …It's complete with clothes, shoes, a cap and a soccer ball.
> It's… very elaborate.
Quiet-Looking Boy: For me!? Thanks!!
But where'd you buy it…?

I had already figured out the only possible answer.

I-I made it…
Quiet-Looking Boy: You… made this?
Y-Y'got a problem with that…?
If ya think it's so creepy, then give it-
Quiet-Looking Boy: Wow! You're so cool!!
Hey, can you make me something else!? Mom loves this kind of stuff!
Huh? S-Sure…
Quiet-Looking Boy: You promised!
I'm gonna go give this to Sana-chan! Thanks, Mister!!
I'm not that old, dammit…
Hah, he said I'm cool…

Kanji certainly does good work.

Yeah, but it's not like sewing's good for anything…
> Kanji seems embarrassed…
But y'know… It ain't a bad feeling.
"Thanks," huh…?
Ahhh, it was nothing.
> Kanji, with his embarrassed smile, looks more mature than usual…
> You feel your relationship with Kanji has grown yet deeper…

I mean when you're that good at something, you should stick with it.

…This is a great place, huh? The wind is different up here…
Never noticed before.
> You talked with Kanji for a while and started back home.

I'm reading a book on men throughout history, it's kinda cool I guess.


Um, today was eventful. You could say that.

Mr. Kondo: …Oh man, I'm sooo hungry. Did you all eat breakfast?
I did, but it's already digested! I'm so hungry, even after eating lunch!
I feel like I haven't eaten in ten years!
Say, that reminds me. What figure of speech am I using when I say I haven't eaten in ten years?
…Yosuke! Take a wild guess!
Huh!? A g-guess…? How'd he get to this from breakfast?
Hey, Souji… Do you know?

Here's an example: Yosuke is a million years behind in English!

Mr. Kondo: Good guess, Yosuke! Hyperbole is just a gross exaggeration.
We use it all the time when we're not even thinking about it to emphasize what we're saying.
I don't even want to imagine having to go ten years without eating…
Thanks, Souji. You're awesome!

Daisuke was out in the hall, so I asked him Ai's question.

…What? Do I have something on my face or something?
> You told Daisuke that Ai Ebihara wanted to know his type…
Huh? My type?
Hmmm… Someone who's a nice person… I guess.
…Why you gotta ask me things like that!?

I reported back to Ai.

C-Come with me.
> Ai looks almost happy…

We went up to the roof, she didn't want to talk about it down there.

> Ai yanked your arm all the way up here…
S-So, did you ask him… what kind of girl he likes?
> You told Ai about Daisuke's type… "Nice girls."
He didn't say anything about being cute? Not even like, "a beautiful woman" or anything like that?
> Ai looks almost panicked…
B-But, every guy wants to be with a pretty girl, right? It's the good-looking girls who find love, isn't it!?
Forget this, I'm tired of beating around the bush. Just go ask him if he's got a crush on anyone.
What are you waiting for!? Go!
> …You don't appear to have a choice.
> You decided to check downstairs…

Yeah, you try saying know to that.

> You asked Daisuke if he has a crush on anyone in particular…
Huh!? What's gotten into you?
Nah… there isn't anyone.
> ……
> You asked if he had any interest in Ai.
Ai…? Like our manager, Ai?
Not interested.
We done playing 20 questions? Haha. See ya later.
> You feel the presence of someone watching you…
> …It seems Ai was eavesdropping!

I ran up to the roof after her, and it was a good thing I did. Ai was standing on the ledge!

He doesn't like me! He's not interested in the slightest!
I…! I…
> Ai has lost her composure…
> You need to calm her down before it gets any worse…
Guys like pretty girls, don't they!?
I'm pretty now! And I had to work hard to become this way!
But if I can't be loved, then… Then what's the point!?
I'll hear you out.
*sniff * *sob *

Ai came down from the ledge, thankfully.

I used to be fat and clumsy… My family was poor, and everyone at school bullied me all the time.
The used to surround me and say I was gross, or they called me names like "Piggy-hara"…
The boy I had a crush on even told me not to look at him, because I'd "give him my germs."
Those awful memories still haunt me in my nightmares…
About the time I entered middle school, my family came into their money.
Everyone got so jealous of us that we ran away… and moved here.
I knew this was my chance to start over… It was time to show them all…
I dieted, got into shape, and read every fashion or women's magazine I could get my hands on.
I studied them like they were textbooks and learned all the secrets-everything from attracting guys to smiling better.
Looks like… it was all for nothing.
I couldn't be loved unless I became pretty, and now that I am, I still can't have it.
I guess I'm doomed. I'll never be loved, will I?
It's not like I have any other redeeming qualities…

She's not being fair to herself, she's really a good person.

You're… so nice to me.
I should've fallen in love with you…
Haha, just kidding…
Hey… Why don't you and I just go out?
Are you sure about that?
…You're a weird guy.
You're right, I'm sorry… I'm still… a little confused.
> Ai smiles sadly…
> You feel your relationship with Ai has grown deeper…

It's strange how different someone can be than your first impression of them.

I'm going home now…
Thank you.
> Ai walked down the stairs with heavy footsteps…
> …You decided to go home.

I think Ai's going to be okay, I suspect she's a lot tougher than she seems.