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Part 64: 9/25/11-9/26/11


Ai called me up earlier, we headed out to Okina for a bit.

> Ai dragged you all the way here…
I wanna go to that shop first and get a bangle.
It's kinda expensive, though… Could you buy it for me?

I know she's loaded and all, but what are friends for?

Wha…? I-I'm just kidding!
I wanted to see what you'd do, that's all.
But thanks anyways.
> It promises to be an entertaining day.
> You spent some time with Ai.

Had a fun day, we're still waiting on Naoto's health so not much else.


It was crappy and raining today, stopped by Aiya then headed home after school. Dojima had something he wanted to show me and Nanako when I got home.

Now then… First off…
> It seems Dojima has something in mind…
Souji, go call Nanako down here.
Take your time.
> You called Nanako, as Dojima ordered you to do..
You told me to go over there…

Dojima had gotten a cake, and made some coffee!

What are we celebrating!?
Uhh, well… Today is a special day for us.
A special day…?
That's right.
Today's the day when you, me, and Souji become "family."
…What about before?
Er, well…
A-Anyways, it's the day that we become a real family.
I don't really get it, but… Cake!!
Alright, let's eat.
> You spent an enjoyable time together…

Eventually, Nanako petered out.

Uhh, well… Heh.
Er… Sorry about making you go along with this.
It was fun.
Huh… You're a nice guy.
> Dojima looks happy.
I felt like I needed to do this to draw the line…
And I wanted Nanako to know…
She has to know how important my daughter is to me…
She's looking more and more like Chisato…
Her smile… Her strong attitude…
It was hard for me even to look at Nanako's face, because she reminds me so much of Chisato.
Chisato died because she went to pick up Nanako… There were times when I'd come close to believing that.
But even then, I can't count the number of times she's saved me just by being there…
If I was living by myself, I would never have thought about taking you in.
I think I was… scared. Scared to have someone else around…

So that's what it was all about.

I was running away by chasing a guy who'd run away himself… It was almost funny.
> Dojima's smile looks sad…
Souji… I've been scared this whole time.
That's why I used revenge as an excuse to spend time away from her…
You've stopped running?
That's right.
I can't make Nanako wait any longer.
> Dojima nods.
Running, regretting… That crap all ends tonight.
I'm not going to lose the things that are important to me…
Never again.
> You can feel Dojima's strong resolve…

I think everything's going to work out for us.

That's the strength you've shown me.
Thanks, Souji.
> You sat with Dojima for some time in silence before going to your room.