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Part 72: 10/14/11-10/20/11


Exams started today. Chie was less than excited on the way in.

Oh, morning…
Hey… How much studying did you get done after we met up?
Actually… Have you studied at all?
What about you?
Ahahahahahaha! Me?
…How much did you think I would study?
Arrrgh! If I'm gonna die, at least I'll go down fighting! Just like Ryoma Sakamoto!
…Wait, was that Shinsengumi…?

She's so screwed. Anyway, exams were easy.


The greatest issue with these exams is not falling asleep.


We had the day off in the middle of exams, Yosuke called up so we could do some more studying.

It's getting to be a custom for us to meet up like this.
But that aside, can I borrow your notes?
Borrowing notes is getting to be a custom too…
Alright, let's get started… But first, I want a melon soda.
Is that your way of saying you'll lend me your notes if I buy you a melon soda…?
Could be.
Hmhm, Yosuke-san and Chie-san seem to get along well.
Why don't you two date?
That was quick…!
You too, Naoto! You could go out with Kanji!
Please, stop it!
Aww, how cute.
Hey, Senpai… Wouldn't Kanji and Naoto make a good couple?

I cannot imagine what they would talk about nor can I imagine Kanji actually working up the nerve to ask her out, I kind of feel bad for him really.

Y-Yes, of course not. Kanji-kun is an interesting sort, but…
…Sounds like he's got no chance.
> It promises to be an entertaining day.


Another day, more exams.


At least they're almost done.


Just the annoying written portion tomorrow now.


Exams are done, not that I give a shit about that at this point.

> You answered every question with ease…
> ……
> The answers seem to be flowing form your hand!

We were all pretty tired after all that crap.

Hey, about question 8…
> Chie and Yukiko are completely absorbed in reviewing the exam…
I pulled an all-nighter last night, so I'm ready to collapse any second now… I'm gonna head home.
See ya later.
> Yosuke left.
> …At last, the long midterms are finally over.

I have to tell you what though, I've never been more awake in my damn life now.

VIDEO- "don't rescue anymore"

Click Here For Video!

I'm home.
Oh, welcome back.
There was a letter in the mailbox for you.
> The letter is addressed, "To Mr. Souji Seta"…
> But the sender's name and address are nowhere to be found…
> There is only one sentence printed…

The message couldn't have been more clear though.

> ……?
Is it from a friend?
Oh, my show is almost on!
> "dont rescue anymore"
> Could this be a warning from the killer…?
> Or is it just a prank…?
> ……
> You should discuss this with the group tomorrow…

I have a terrible feeling this has gone to a whole new level…


I'll protect you all...

…from the madness of this world.

I'll take you to a place where you can be at peace…

Yes… It's much more peaceful than here…