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Part 1: VIDEO: Intro movie - (Veoh) (Gamevee)

And here we go...

VIDEO: Intro movie - (Veoh) (Viddler)


VIDEO: 1-1, My rat stole my wallet - (Veoh) (Viddler)

VIDEO: 1-2, We have all day to work - (Veoh) (Viddler)

I'm going to do the easter eggs in a separate video, as they're mostly lame. Extra stuff:

On the wall in Curtis's living room is a picture of the Phantasmagoria 2 team (not an easter egg).

The saucy postcard Curtis gets in the mail, in case it went by too quick.

Curtis can look in the mirror in his bedroom, but right now that just prompts a generic comment:

"Hm, big purple bags under the eyes. Very attractive!"

Same for the bookcase in his living room:

"Childhood's End... The House Nextdoor... Murder Beach. I've read every book I own at least twice."

They'll be more interesting later...

Next, a video of Curtis using his desk phone to call around the office. Not necessary to advance the game (yet), and I figured there's enough talking in the video of Curtis at work already.

VIDEO: Early day phonecalls - (Veoh) (Viddler)

VIDEO: 1-3, Cubicle of Crazy - (Veoh) (Viddler)

OK, in the video I briefly showed the mysterious Threshold.doc, from the password-protected Archive map:

Next, the mailbox. At a few points in the game, Curtis receives e-mails at work - some are funny, some are informative, and some are really fuckin' creepy. I think you only receive one that you actually need to read to advance the game, so I'll just post them as screenshots.

Jocelyn and Trevor send a few mails to which you can send one of three replies, which then later gets you another reply.

Funny: With your note, dearest, I could sprout wings of pure joy and fly over to your cubicle.

Sarcastic: Oh, I'm sure it'll be a lovely morning. This is the best job in the world! I'm so happy I could just poo poo!

Well, I'm a sentimental guy. I sent the straight reply:

Curtis still can't get the L-word to pass his keyboard though.

Trevor and Curtis have an office tag-style joke exchange going:

So I consistently pick the Funny reply to get a joke from Curtis:

Andrei C. in Legal sent everyone an only slightly disturbing corporate update:

A heartwarming and not at all ominous message from the boss:

Gee, I wonder who this is from?

And lastly another one from Trev:

Let's see what Curtis has offer to that:

There'll be some doozies after the next video.

VIDEO: 1-4, Snuggles with Joss - (Veoh) (Viddler)

seriously, . contains boobies and gross things.

That concludes the first of the five chapters. Extra stuff:

When Curtis comes back from the café, Bob's messed with his computer... but Bob's not the only one. There's a whole batch of new e-mails, and there's also this:

Portions of the screen will briefly flicker words - "CORPSELICKER", "KILL THEM ALL", "FREAK", that kind of nice stuff. It's really disturbing the first time you play, though as you spend long periods seeing it over the rest of the game while looking for the next action to complete, you grow used to it. Too bad they didn't intensify it over time.

Mail time!

First up, we got some replies from Joss and Trevor.

Jocelyn sent another note:

Well, Joss is one of the few people Curtis didn't talk to about his problems, but it's nice to know she cares, so she got a straight reply from me:

Bob is such a bag of dicks.

...Jesus. I hope no one else got this one.

...having difficulty caring about this right now...

Another joke from Trev. That should get my mind off things, so I send him one back:

Not long after, Trevor sends his reply:

Delightful. I forgot all about that one crazy mai-


Stuff like that really makes you appreciate these mundane work mails more.

Now this is just plain tacky.

And with that, we're done for the day.