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Phantasmagoria 2

by davidspackage

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Original Thread: I'm not insane! Let's play Phantasmagoria 2: a Puzzle of Flesh! [VLP]


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Phantasmagoria 2 is one of the last attempts at making an adventure game with digitized actors portraying characters. While it's a sequel in name to Phantasmagoria 1, which was previously LPed by Spiteful Crow, the game's story doesn't have any ties to its predecessor other than a fleeting reference to its main character, Adrienne. Like the first one, Phantasmagoria 2 is known for its violent and gory content. It also has sexual content, though it's mostly only alluded to, with only one count of boobies and some dry-humping through clothes.

I will clearly mark any videos that contain sexual or gory material as :nws: .

I genuinely like this game. The puzzles are sometimes ridiculous, and most of the time you're just looking for that last stupid, insignificant action you need to complete to finish the chapter, acting and writing are mostly good (and sometimes bad), but its production value is very impressive and it's one of the best looking games of its kind, shared probably with Gabriel Knight 2: the Beast Within. But everyone's entitled to their opinion, so feel free to mock the stupid parts, as I probably will too.

If you're trying to make Phantasmagoria 2 work on your computer, download the patch here!

You play Curtis Craig, a somewhat nerdy guy who was released from a mental institution one year ago, and now has a fairly normal life working as a copywriter at Wyntech, the same chemicals company where his father worked. One day, disturbing things start happening to Curtis, and he is in doubt whether he is losing his sanity once again, or if something bigger is going on.

Well, let's find out!

Table of Contents - Complete Let's Play

Table of Contents - Videos

This is a hybrid LP - while you can simply watch the videos back to back, inbetween them are some extras posted as images. If you want to see those as well, start reading the LP here!

Part 1-1VeohViddler
Part 1-2VeohViddler
Early day phonecallsVeohViddler
Part 1-3VeohViddler
Part 1-4 VeohViddler
Part 2-1 VeohViddler
Part 2-2VeohViddler
Part 2-3VeohViddler
Part 2-4 VeohViddler
Part 3-1VeohViddler
Part 3-2VeohViddler
Part 3-3 VeohViddler
Part 4-1VeohViddler
Part 4-2VeohViddler
Part 4-3VeohViddler
Part 4-4 VeohViddler
Part 5-1 VeohViddler
Part 5-2 VeohViddler
Part 5-3 VeohViddler
Death reel VeohViddler
Easter eggs reelVeohViddler
Bonus footage reel VeohViddler
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