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Phantasmagoria 2

by davidspackage

Part 2: VIDEO: 2-2, Snooping at Wyntech - (Veoh) (Gamevee)


VIDEO: 2-1, Say goodbye to your entrails, asshole - (Veoh) (Viddler)

seriously, . contains splattery guts and violence.

VIDEO: 2-2, Snooping at Wyntech - (Veoh) (Viddler)

Curtis finding the little door behind those boxes may look like it kind of comes out of nowhere - it's there right at the start of the game, so you'll inevitably find it early on. I just didn't want to pad the first videos with it since Curtis can't do anything with the door until now. Also, story-wise it probably would've made more sense had I first looked up the door, and then gone snooping in Mr. Warner's office. Speaking of which, his computer screen:

And the filed letter Curtis finds in the toolbox:

And once more with feeling:

VIDEO: 2-3, Session at Dr. Harburg's - (Veoh) (Viddler)

Not many captions in this one since it's pretty straightforward talking. It's also, in my opinion, the most boring part of the game, even though it reveals a few more tidbits about Curtis's past.

Posted by zycban:
Question for David: How are you playing this? Dosbox, a Windows 95/98 machine or a virtual machine?

I'm just playing it in Vista using this patch, and running the executable in 640x480 so the recordings don't become giant and blurry. I tried a Win98 virtual machine first, but for some reason the game hangs on the first movie you trigger in the game. DOSBox works, but has the black lines in the movies that make them unwatchable if they're resized.

Time to finish up chapter 2!

VIDEO: 2-4, At the Borderline - (Veoh) (Viddler)

again due to fully clothed dry humping.