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Part 4: VIDEO: 4-3, Wyntech Basement - (Veoh) (Gamevee)


VIDEO: 4-1, A visit from Detective Powell - (Veoh) (Viddler)

VIDEO: 4-2, FYI: Hairpin - (Veoh) (Viddler)

Last video was a bit shorter because the ones that follow have too much good stuff happening to cut them up. Woo! Socks are going to fly off feet, people.

VIDEO: 4-3, Wyntech Basement - (Veoh) (Viddler)

Extra stuff:

Paul Warner's speech.

The book: "A child's introduction to secret codes", which I clicked away rather fast.

And finally, Trevor's frantic e-mail:

And that's it. Also - this video marks the first point where it's possible to lose the game. If you don't enter the right passcode in a limited amount of time (as I discovered while recording), or if you try to use Curtis's security pass on the card slot in the final room in the basement, Curtis will get caught. But, since this can be repeated in chapter 5, which contains all the other deaths, I'll save it for a death reel.

Incidentally, Phantasmagoria 2 has a simple "try again" on the death screen, so there's no penalty for it.

The security at Wyntech seems kind of lax, for a place that's got such a big secret to hide. The items Curtis finds in the basement, he picks up and puts down again, so they don't become inventory items. I guess they could be hallucinations, or have purposely been left there for him by someone... but after all this time it still seems to me like for no good reason, these items have been lying in these corridors for the past twenty years or so.

Sorry about the repetitive door action at the end of the video - I don't remember if you can instantly click on your map from there to go someplace else, but I could probably have cut that off a little earlier. On the other hand, it's a little funny.

Last thing I forgot to mention on the last video - the console Curtis uses to communicate with someone. It's pretty cool, there is no right or wrong way to use it - you can simply select one of the terms to answer with (yes, no, why, how, when), and if it makes sense in the context, you get an answer. If it doesn't make sense, you get prompted to "enter Threshold transport". However the conversation goes, sooner or later you are asked a question that requires a more elaborate answer, which you don't have.

VIDEO: 4-4, Tonight we go full circle - (Veoh) (Viddler)

And with that, we end chapter four... Next up: last chapter, all bets are off!