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Part 5: VIDEO: 5-2, Infection/Revelation/Desecration part 1 - (Veoh) (Gamevee)


VIDEO: 5-1, Another Rude Awakening - (Veoh) (Viddler)

NMS tags on account of PIZZA TIEM

Here we go: one long hard ride to the finale.

VIDEO: 5-2, Infection/Revelation/Desecration part 1 - (Veoh) (Viddler)

Man oh man. Here's the funding pitch from Warner's computer:

More psycho namedropping: William Kemmler is the first person to have been executed on the electric chair. J.G. Haigh I couldn't find a wiki page for, but a google search suggests he was a 19th or mid-20th century serial killer.

Easily overlooked at this stage are a few final notes in Curtis's mailbox:

You can't talk about my mother like that!

Too late now, Trev.

Love ya too, mom.

I'm inclined not to take your advice, self.

So, what's next? Well, I figured I might as well keep going and finish the game. Thusly:

VIDEO: 5-3, Infection/Revelation/Desecration part 2 - (Veoh) (Viddler)

and that's the End...

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