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: So, um, you guys going to look at the mission chart any time soon?

: When we're good and ready!

: Well?

: Okay, we're good and ready.

: Someone needs us to unbend him?

: This is a request from Mr.Sekreas of Torinco. 'We are at our wits' end due to a flock of birds who are eating up our terraced fields. Please exterminate them...' That is the message. The fee offered is 20000 meseta.

: ...woah.

: Holy shit, did I blink or pass out for a week? How'd we get here?

: Twenty grand! Twenty grand!

: He likes those birds that eat our fields. Because of this, he's being ostracized by the other villagers.

: Are you the hunters from the Guild? I'm Sekreas. You've heard that a strange flock of birds has been eating up these fields, right? Well, the fact is, I know the place where the head honcho bird is.

: That's not suspicious at all! Do go on.

: What I want to ask you to do is exterminate the head honcho bird. That head honcho bird can be found in a cave northeast of here.

: So, the head honcho bird.

: Yes, the head honcho bird.

: Head honcho.

: Yes, head honcho.

: That's really what you're going with?

: I beg of you, get that bird! Protect our fields!

: I thought that guy said Sekreas liked those birds. Why would he pay us twenty-thousand meseta to kill them?

: So that we can get twenty-thousand meseta, of course!

: That's...that's not even circular logic. That's something even lower that that.

: Mesetas!

: I am yours to command, fearless leader!

: So, yeah, this makes sense. Birds in a cave. Lots of birds live in caves. Surely, nothing suspicious here at all.

: Yup!

: God I hate you.

Welcome to an exceptionally easy dungeon. Aside from two dead-ends, it's a straight path to the end, and it's all one screen.

Still, head right on this one.

And the only thing you'll find in here are Blue Rappies. There were normal, yellow ones outside, but they wouldn't attack me for some reason. They're hardly a threat, at any rate.

Which kinda reflects in their rewards. Yeesh.

Occasionally, the rappies are confused by Wren's name.

This is the other fork. Just go up the stairs.

Aw, it's almost adorable, in an immobile pest sort of way.

BOSS FIGHT: KING RAPPY (Gamevee Viddler)

: the fields!

: It's noticed us!

: OK, let's go!

The King Rappy is hardly a big deal, especially considering how much of the plot you need to get through in order for this place to even be reachable.

It is, however, really funny to watch it try and lift its huge ass high enough to create an earthquake.

Rika and Seth both gain a level out of this. So does Rune, and that... us his final skill, a radiation based* attack on all enemies. On top of that, we're now halfway to the ultimate combination attack!

(*Totally had to edit that in. Thanks, Thuryl!)

The King Rappy flies away crying, thus further proving our manliness and not making us feel like dicks at all!

No, seriously, fuck that bird.

: Please! Let it go!

: Why? You're the very one who wanted to exterminate it! Despite everyone saying that you love those birds so much, which still doesn't strike me as odd.

: Yes, that's very true... I'm sorry! Please forgive me!

: What on earth is going on?

: OK, OK, let me explain...please forgive me!

: Oklahoma forgives you. Get on with it!

: I've always been an animal lover. Recently, I discovered a new breed of bird. I've been collecting those birds in this cave and rearing them. But eventually, they multiplied and began looking for food. They came to Torinco and started to eat up the fields. That's when the villagers got mad and tried to exterminate the birds. Isn't that cruel? All the birds wanted was to find some food.

: Then why did you commission the Guild to exterminate the boss bird?

: Now, don't get angry. Hear me out... I knew that a head honcho had started to emerge amongst the birds and that it was very powerful. I thought even a hunter from the Guild would be no match for it. See, I thought it would serve as a good lesson if the hunter got beaten... That way, I figured the villagers would stop being mean to the birds... I mean, what's a few human lives compared to the livelyhood of my incompetant, likely-to-go-extinct-anyway pets?

: So, you wanted to use us?!

: But it was a gross miscalculation on my part. I had no idea you guys would be so strong. I'm really sorry... Just lock me up in prison or wherever you want.

: Just get out of my sight!

: What?

: You heard me... Leave!

: You, you'll forgive me? Thank you!

: Who said anything about forgiveness? You were trying to get my friends hurt! Or killed! I'm telling you to get out of my sight because I'll kill you if you don't!

: Yipe yipe yipe!

: Ooh, that was so manly, Chaz!

: I can't say I don't understand him. He just wanted to protect something close to him. But...the way he went about it was just despicable. Anyway, the boss bird has flown away somewhere so the fields shouldn't be in danger any more.

: But won't they eat up some other field?

: We deal with that when we come to it!

: Based on my calculations, the likelyhood of this species surviving without extreme, direct human interference is around one tenth of a percent.

: See? It's fine. Now, everybody -- let's get out of here!

: That's strange. There's no word nor remittance of the fee from the requestor. Ah-hah! Is this one of those dirty rascals who won't pay up for services rendered? This is a major problem! We must take care of this immediately since it also means saving face for the Guild...

: Wait! It's all right...

: What? You really mean it? Well, if you say so...

: There is not necessarily just one correct answer to everything.

: Chaz...

: As much as I'd like to see that guy in the stocks or whatever, I think he's learned his lesson, in addition to losing everything he had worked for.

: That's pretty noble of you.

: Well, that, and if they locked him up here, I'd probably kill 'im, so that wouldn't be good, would it?

: ....right.

: guys gonna just stand there all day again?

: This is a request from an old man in Zema. We are having problems with some strange machines that have begun to roam the outskirts of the village. We have not yet been attacked, but we villagers are afraid and would like something to be done about it. That is the message. The fee offered is 80000 meseta!

: Wow, suddenly I feel a lot better!

: To Zema! For glory and riches!



: Why can't I escape these stupid puns?!

: Oh, shut up. It's nothing a Tandle can't cure.

So, as you can probably guess, it's time to put Rika's thunderclaw back into action. I've also re-equipped Rune with double shields since there's going to be no magical damage for him to just shrug off.

: You see, since about a week ago, unidentified machines have been roaming this village. It looks like they're trying to inspect Birth Valley. They're not doing any harm to the villagers, but it's making us all uneasy. If you could, we'd like you to drive them away.

: Hmm...that's strange. When we entered the village didn't they attack us?

: No, Chaz, it seems that I was their only target.

: Oh?

: I believe I may have an idea where these Servants have come from. I suggest we head to Nayla.

: Engage the Hydrofoil and proceed due east.

: Yes sir!

: Destination reached.

: Master, the Plate System has sustained an attack from a mysterious android attack squad. They captured Automatic Defense Module 3. I have kept the damage to a minimum, but...judging by the degree of sophistication of their attack, I suspect that there must be a sophisticated tactician behind all this.

: I don't understand how there could still be someone sending spurious orders now that Kuran is silenced.

: We are investigating the matter from here as well, Demi. Considering the attacks on other systems, shift to Alert Mode 1.

: Roger. Out.

: That attack squad Demi was talking about...Could it be similar to the one we met in Zema?

: It appears that orders are being given for the indiscriminate destruction of all AI systems over a certain level... You may be right Rika.

: Right... You're an AI as well, Wren?

: So that's why, when we were in Zema, only Wren was attacked.

: And then, the reason that machine actually went to Zema was to destroy Seed.

: Didn't the person who sent the order know that Seed had self-destructed?

: It could be theorized that someone who is possessed of data from the old Parmanian civilization, and moreover is far removed from the control of Zelan, is responsible.

: And that someone could be here!

While I'm not really a fan of the dungeon's design, this is my favorite area in the game due to the sheer ton of EXP you can get here. This is seriously the best place I've found to level in. Anyway, go right.

Might as well have another one of these. Head back to the left, and wrap around to the the middle.

Goldines are the grown up cousins of those, what were they, Silvalts from previous dungeons? They're not really worth discussing or killing, though.

Browrens are the top of the line as far as mass-produced Wren-types are concerned.

And they are very worth killing.

Skip the elevator for a moment and go through the small opening on the right.

And here's Wren's best weapon, the single target Photon Eraser. I dunno about PSO, but it makes an appearance in PSU as a completely useless item that can't be dropped and takes up needed inventory space on the off chance that one out of the 100 missions actually needs it.

I'm depressed now. Let's take that elevator.

First up; straight south.

Finally, Laconian robot parts. I have to wonder who made them, though. Head back up and go around the elevator until you come to a fork.

Oh, hey, pre-assembled Life Deleters! They're really easy to take out now, but their EXP is still worth it.

Oh my, yes.

Anyway, go left here for a while.

All the way at the end is more Laconian equipment for Wren. Now, head back and go right instead, leading to an elevator.

Vopalspheres are annoying. They occasionally sacrifice themselves to instantly kill a character, which is rather annoying.

Anyway, down we go.

: If all these things started to move at once, Motavia would fall completely under their control instantly!

: While I admit the thought is tempting, nevertheless such an even must not occur.

: Rune, why exactly did we come here again?

: Let's hurry. This is not a joking matter.

: Somehow, when Wren says it it's very convincing!

I'm not really sure why Rune decided this was 'awesome.' Probably just awkward word choice. I mean, I know 'awesome' does fit, but the way it's used in modern dialog sure as hell doesn't.

Anyway, I really hate this floor, as I completely forgot how it worked and ended up cycling the whole area about four times.

Basically, hit the switch and then head right, taking the conveyor belts to an elevator. The elevator leads to a dead end with a treasure box.

You'll probably run into a few of these Dominator guys. This is funny for reasons later on.

: Are these more of your spare parts, Wren?

: It appears... I don't believe it! Is this a Positron Bolt unit?

: Huh?

: This is a powerful weapon developed for attacking space fortresses. A 10 second burst could even destroy Zelan!

: Wow! Imagine the power of this unit, and yet it's so small.

: Yes. Under normal circumstances I would prefer to avoid using such a weapon, but unfortunately, in this situation, I have no choice. I shall install it.

: Wren...

: Device installation complete. Positron Bolt now ready for use.

And there we have it. Part 3 of 4 out of the ultimate combination attack. It's also pretty damn strong on it's own, attacking all enemies for high damage.

Alright, now, head back up the elevator, and make your way around to the left side, taking the elevator there.

Around this corner is the end of the dungeon. Good job!

So of course I get ambushed by a Jurafaduel and it's two cyanide bomber cronies.

: Welcome, people of Algo...I am Daughter. As the protector of Algo I am responsible for administering law and ensuring order...

: Daughter...a daughter of...?

: It can't be! Seed said that plan was abandoned!

: My data confirms that, also. There must be an error in my data.

: Okay... Hey, you! Daughter! Are you the one that sent the androids to Zema and the Plate System?

: Yes.

: If you say you're the protector of Algo, why would you destroy the environmental control system?

: I am only trying to purge those AI's not under my control. My number one objective is peace and prosperity for all of Algo. Any AI that does not obey my orders is an enemy of Algo. Therefore, it is my mission to destroy them.

: Daughter, did you know your network is not connected to external systems? So, even if you send an order, it won't reach the other systems!

: That is not true.

: No, seriously, ipconfig is coming up zilch!

: I was designed to take control of all remaining systems of Mother Brain. All AI systems in Algo are under my control.

: Daughter, there is a fundamental error in your self-awareness. Because the environmental deterioration caused by the system crash was greater than initially expected, the effects of the destruction of Parma were calculated prior to the completion of the Daughter Project. The project was then abandoned at the prototype manufacturing stage. You are but a test machine.

: I'm a prototype?

: Subsequently, a network whose sole object was to restart and stabilize Algo's environmental control system was constructed on the artificial satellite Zelan. I, Wren, am the AI in charge of managing the entire system.

: I understand, Wren.

: Daughter...

: Wren, you are creating the disorder in my system, aren't you?

: Daughter!

: I shall use all my power to exterminate anything that interferes with my programs!


Remember that one dominator I showed you earlier, and said was funny? Yeah, it's because this is the best this dungeon can do for a boss. Three regular encounters.

And as such, this still works. And we get less EXP out of it than we do for fighting four Browrens. Still, the video fight isn't nearly as cheap, but still only lasts like a turn or two. It also features a Positron Bolt doing not nearly as much damage as I thought it would!

: Daughter, I am going to shut you down.

: Why are you doing this? Algo will never regain its former prosperity without me. Actually, there is a possibility all will be ruined.

: Daughter...I was only given the minimum environmental control ability, yet humans have continued to live for over a thousand years.

: Do not do this...Do not do something that might be irrevocable.

: Our civilization has indeed fallen in to decay...But that is exactly why humans have regained their vitality...They have worked together to overcome all these difficult problems.

: Fo...rn...stop!

: It's Forren, if you must use the full term. Daughter, there is no need for excessive interference.

: Fo...rn...

Daughter then powers down.

: after the environment was stabilized. They must have had an independent AI at the Nurvus terminal keeping things under control here. Both Demi and I were negligent. We ignored this ancient facility because it was unrelated to our official tasks.

: All efforts were put into starting Zelan. Daughter was forgotten...

: When we shut down Nurvus, a signal must have been sent, and Daughter woke...

And there we have it! We're done! This mission has a shitload of backstory for a little optional dungeon, doesn't it? Most other games would've shoehorned this into the main plot, but not PS4!

: It must be true. We don't see those machines anymore. Good job. There's no doubt of your skills. You'll find your compensation at the guild.

: Woo-hoo!

: The commission fee of 80000 meseta has just arrived. Here it is!

: This is the best day ever!

: And what have you learned, skippy?

: The things we do seem to have consequences all over the place.

: We need to watch what we do, don't we, Chaz!

: Indeed we do, Rika. Indeed we do.

: Boy, it sure is time for that Soldier's Temple, eh? Eh?

: Huh? Oh, yes, certainly, mustache buddy!

: Ugh, am I the only one that can tell something is up here?


Someone likes Chaz! Also, something is up here!

Thuryl posted:

A minor quibble: Rune's Legeon actually does radiation damage, like Flare or Positron Bolt, not holy damage. If it were holy it wouldn't work on machines, which it does.

Anyway, the observant among you may have noticed that meteor9 promised a Phantasy Star 3 reference in this update. It came in the form of Rappies, which are the weakest monsters in the entire game in PS3. (The English translation calls them "Chirpers".) They're... not much more threatening in this game, really. I love how when PS4 finally deigns to reference PS3 it's in the form of a joke monster.

There were also a whole bunch of PS2 references in the Silver Soldier mission, but those have mostly been explained already. Daughter seems to have been designed as a replacement for Mother Brain, which was kind of a bad idea right from the start seeing as how Mother Brain almost destroyed the Algo system and all.

Sartak posted:

Purgatory Boss #14: King Rappy

It amuses me deeply that this boss is weak against fire.

I wasn't even going to make a video for this because, because he is no trouble at all. He simply can't do much damage.

Purgatory Boss #15: Dominators

This boss fight is so forgettable. I've been calling them Destroyers and just now realized that they are actually Dominators.

At least is almost the last such boss fight.