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Pikmin 2

by Mugiwara Yoshi

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Original Thread: Flying Purple Snagret Nerfers - Let's Play Pikmin 2


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---Game Description---
Take the already pretty damn good Pikmin; drop the 30 day time limit; give you more to see, do, kill, and hoarde; and make it even prettier. You get a pretty damn excellent game. It's Pikmin 2.

Following the events of the first Pikmin: Captain Olimar returns to his home planet Hocotate, only to discover his company's President and his fellow freighter Louie have put the company in debt to the tune of 10100 Pokos. Luckily a bottle cap from the Pikmin planet is discovered to knock 100 of those Pokos right off. The President immediately sends Olimar, this time joined by Louie, back to the Pikmin planet to find more treasure and clear the company's debt.

---LP Description---
As always this is a 100% run, meaning all of the treasure will be collected. Yoshi will be leading the LP this time; I will instead just be co-commentating with Travis (besides updating the thread and videos on Yoshi's behalf).
Each part will encompass a single in-game day, though Yoshi will cut out any unnecessary waiting or what-have-you. The game is expected to be completed in under 14 days.
*Debt paid off - 7 days
*All treasures collected - 11 days (Success!)

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---Day 11 Failure Reel---

---Title Screen Demos---

---Glitch/Bug Videos---
*Flying Cannon Beetle Larva
*Funny Spinning Beetle Carcass

(A gif from Seedy Wizard)

(And a gif from Zombiebeard)
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