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Pokemon LeafGreen

by Countblanc

Part 11

So dig this, I was supposed to go on a relaxing cruise, as I previously mentioned, and some hired goon tries to stop me at the door.

Luckily, I have my ticket.

Ah, a lovely vessel! Perfect for a sea-fairing gentleman, such as myself.

The other passengers onboard, however, weren't so bright...

I think this kid was a little ...


Oh really? I like the common and weak ones, myself.

I decided that I needed a rest after dealing with, and beating down, all these retards, so I chilled in a deskchair for a while. The sky was cloudy so I didn't get a tan.

I began hearing rumors about the ship's captain...

Specifically that he sounds like an animu faggot

Having nothing better to do, I decided to check things out. As luck would have it, that badass PIKACHU was one step ahead of me.

Look how smug he is...

Anyway, I kicked his butt into his penis and off the ship and preceeded on to the Captain's Quarters.

The old dude wouldn't show me anything, so I took a shit in his chair while he wasn't looking.

He eventually coughed up an HM for CUT, and I promptly left Retard Con '06.

I decided I wasn't leveled enough to fight in the Vermillion Gym yet, and I didn't want to use Dugtrio as a crutch, so I decided to level up Doublebutt a bit. This was the end result:

I had to kill a few trees before I could get into the Gym, so Dugtrio made quick work of them.

Check out those speed lines!

Upon entering, my tip buddy inside had some important information for me...

The time had come to see what I was made of against The Lightning American, so we started our beatiful dance of death.

... It ended fairly quickly...

Exausted after a hard day's work, I decided to do some recreational fishing after my battle.