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Original Thread: Oh, why not... Let's Play Pokemon! [56k no]



The "Let's Play [game]" series of threads has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I've been trying to think of games to play to do one of my own, but I was drawing a blank. However, yesterday, my friend came over with his GBA and was happily playing Pokemon FireRed. I was struck with inspiration! Upon waking up this morning, I got all my work out of the way just so I could start this thread AND PLAY POKEMON!

I had some trouble deciding what version to play. Anyone who has kept up with Pokemon knows that the current generation of games (R/S/E and LG/FR) are easily the best. However, I don't want this thread to just be for the current Pokèmaniacs - this is supposed to be a fun trip down memory lane, after all. As such, I decided to pick LeafGreen as my game of choice. Pokèmon LeafGreen is basically a remake of Blue version, so everyone who has ever played any of the games should know what's going on. I'll need help picking my lineup, naming said lineup, choosing fossils, and god knows what else.

Also, for anyone who needs a little refresher, visit Easily the best Pokemon source.

With that said, let's get this show on the road!

Well here's a blast from the past. That Nidorino doesn't even know what he has coming to him

Why can't all the fights be this intense? You can cut the tension with a knife.


oh thx

Yay storyline!

I thought this was "Pokemon," not "Stupid Old Man Sim"

I'll cut to the chase - This guy is Oak and he's a Pokemon chef or something. I doubt he's important. Now back to the matter at hand...


Well my name is now Ash. I forgot to grab a screen shot though.

What a badass.

You forgot your own Grandson's name?! Ugh, I guess you can't expect anything better from a shitty chef. What should I call this badass

Time to start adventuring, but not before playing some River City Ransom!

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