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Part 21

Where For Art Thou Pokèmon?

Short update today, because there's very little to report in.

As promised, today was when I would begin raising Cubone (renamed to PyramidDeb). However, I couldn't very well be expected to raise a Pokemon with no moves, so this was to be corrected.

Aw yeah, now we're cookin' with gas.

Soon enough, Deb was well on her way to greatness.

I then went back to grinding levels, and this was the final result:

Compare this to Gyrados' 127 Attack. Remember, Marowak's is doubled, and actually has physical moves.

I had heard rumor that the gym leader in Viridian City returned, and sure enough

I decided that this place would be a good test run for Deb, as she was a fellow Ground-type. The first thing that we encountered was her rival, Sandslash.

It didn't take long to take care of him, though. ... Coal looks a little like Marowak, actually.

Next came something unexpected...


As to be expected, Deb one-shotted every trainer in here.

Rounding the final corner, I saw a familiar face...

I stepped in for a closer look, and sure enough,

Alright then, big guy, once and for all, you and me, the end all of Pokemon battles. Ground type versus Ground type.

And just as quickly as it started, it ended. Deb soloed the entire gym, leader included. It was a good day.

However, it's not over yet. Giovonni gave me a TM for Earthquake, and I'm torn as to who I should give it to. One the one hand, Deb gets STAB from it and has the highest attack, but she already has a 100 Power Ground attack (sadly, it only has 90 accuracy). The other choices would be PrimeRAPE or Gaylong. I need your guys' opinions.

Also, thread needs more Gary Oak.