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Part 9

Not much of note has happened today so far, except for one thing, but I'll get to that later.

To start my adventure today, I decided to head down to Vermillion City and see what was shakin'. To my suprise, I encounter a poor couple who where robbed!

Being ASH KETCHEM OF PALLET TOWN I couldn't just stand around and let these people suffer! So I headed out to find the culprits!

...amazingly enough, he was in their back yard.

BUT WAIT! This wasn't just any criminal, it was TEAM ROCKET!

After disposing of the trash, I decided to do some recreational Catching.

Like I'll use this thing.

Upon reaching Vermillion I found the Pokemon Fan Club. Being a fan of Pokemon, I decided to stop in.

There I met this fellow, who apparently wanted me to listen to his life's story. I decided I had nothing better to do and wasted a few minutes listening to him tell me about Rapidash, of all shitty pokemon. Anyway, he gave me a sweet Bike Voucher, so now the plot has wheels.

I then decided to see the sights. I noticed down the road there was a small cave named "Diglett's Tunnel." Feeling adventurous I stepped inside, and my first encounter was a level 29 Dugtrio.

Now that I have a Pokemon 10 levels above the rest of my lineup, I feel a little safer. However, his movepool was lacking (eg. had 3 ground-type moves and Fury Swipes), so I decided to use the TM Brock gave me on him.

I don't know about you guys, but when I was a kid I never pictured a TM to look like a CD. I always assumed it was a pill you ate.

Sadly, I didn't have the time to tackle the S.S. Anne quite yet...

...But soon.

I have decided that catching one without Great Balls is impossible after wasting 12+ Pokeballs, so I'll be coming back later to get one.