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Part 8

Alright, last update for the night.

After exiting Mt. Moon, I promptly headed to the Pokemon Center, then headed up the bridge to the north, where I met a familiar face...

He's SUCH a jerk.

After handing him his multiple asses, he gave me a "Fame Seeker", one of those useless items you never use, or something really useful, I'm too tired to care right now.

I decided to press onwards. Furthar up the bridge I learned that I was crossing the "Nugget Bridge" and I'd get a prize at the end. So on I went!

At the end, not only did I find a golden Nugget, I found this gentlemen who offered me an invitation to his secret club.

Wait, it's not a club at all! I promptly beat his face into his stomach.

Soon after I decided to catch another Pokemon, and I encountered one of my favorite Grass types!

Meet MISSINGNO! I'll raise him later.

y thx u

The bitch knows Misty is cockblocking me something fierce, so I didn't feel the need to tell her that her boyfriend slipped her a little something when she wasn't looking. HIV.

I then walked into the nearby house and met this Pokemon... I think.

The ultimate sin - Pokemon transmutation!

I decided to help the poor bastard, so he went into his machine and I presed butan

Being a good sport, and wanting me to keep his illegal experiments under wraps, he gave me this ticket. Woo.

Next was to tackle the Cerulean Gym, famous for Water-Type pokemon. Luckily, Gary could handle these scrubs.

Finally came Misty, the gym leader. :fappery:

She was one tough cookie, but I eventually persuaded her to give me her badge, along with a few other things.

I now have two badges, and the majority of my lineup is level 20 (Gaylong grew a few levels, be happy I did that much you jerks ).

I hope to take on this boat tomorrow, and show those sailors what a real man can do!

At least that's one of us...