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Part 15

The View: Pokemon Edition

As you'll remember from yesterday's episode, a scientist in Celedon City was distressed over the loss of his Silph Scope. I took it upon myself to find this invention... but first I encountered this strange bunch...

You what...?

After that wonderful ruining of immersion I walked into the Game Corner. There's no reason to solve a mystery when you can gamble. However, I did find it strange that there was a man "guarding a poster" in the corner. I took the only appropriate course of action and beat him up and punched the poster for good measure. This was the result:

As any good meddling kid would do, I followed the staircase down and found myself in an underground base. Huh.

I realized that this place belonged to Team Rocket, the group that I was almost lured into joining. It was time for some much needed revenge. Eventually I fought my way to the top where I met this gentleman.

Turns out he's the leader. Go figure.

After he fled the scene I noticed that he dropped something. Well, giving this back to the scientist didn't seem very fair. After all, I did all the work. As such, I decided to follow some rumors I've heard about "Silph Co." in Saffron City. Maybe they'd give me money for it.

Turns out the entire city is on lockdown by Team Rocket!

I own dis city, mang.

Well, everything was, other than the mart, the Pokemon Center, and this place...

Thinking back to what I've learned from the Pokemon anime, it's that Primeape does wonders for Ash at fighting dojos... Turns out that Kadabra and Charizard do an even better job.

After sweeping the place out, I was presented with a choice...

What do I pick?