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Part 62: You Say You Want An Evolution (Team Hugs Base)

Hey, Sheldon?


I'm, uh... kinda interested in evolution... but I'm not sure. I'm a little scared.

Aw, there's no reason to be scared. Tell you what. I'll see who else on the team is interested in evolving, and we'll all go together, okay?


Is this it? I was expecting more.

Well, some Pokémon just don't evolve, and others didn't feel ready. That's why I was saying we should give them more to do.

Oy! We gonna get this party started, or are we gonna keep jawin'? Some of us wanna get evolving before the rush starts!

All right, all right. I think everyone's here who's gonna be here, so let's head over to the cave.

So, um... who's gonna go first?

I will, mommy!

Mister Pointy?

I want to be big and strong so mommy doesn't get hurt protecting me again!

Awww... that's so sweet. Are you sure?

Uh huh!

Well then, go for it! We'll wait for you out here.

Well... here goes...

Ooo, pretty.

A voice emanates from somewhere...

Ye who seek awakening... This is Luminous Cave. Do ye seek a new evolution?

Um. Yes?

Will ye give an item for evolution?

Pokémon who require an item to evolve in the mainline Pokémon games need it here too. There are also a few items to handle Pokémon who evolve in special circumstances this game doesn't have; for instance, if a Pokémon would evolve by being traded, here you need to use a Link Cable item to make the change.

I don't have anything... do I need something?

...Ye who seek awakening... let us begin.

...Is that a no?

...Mr. Pointy is undergoing changes...

...I feel funny...

Mr. Pointy's appearance changed...


Ye shall return if evolution is what ye seek...

It's taking a long time. I hope he's okay...

Look, he's coming out!

Mister... Pointy?

Hello, mommy! Look! I can fly!

You're extra pointy now!

Wow, awesome!

Did it hurt?

No, it just kinda tingled.

Yeahyeahyeah, we're all happy for ya, kid. Now move aside and let the rest of us through, capische?

And so those of Team Hugs who were ready to evolve proceeded into the cave, one by one, and received their new forms.

In addition to Mister Pointy, now a Beedrill...

Nicodemus became a Raticate...

Oh yeah? Who's da rat? I am da rat!

...and Nicky and Nelly traded up to Nidorino and Nidorina.

I didn't think it was possible, but you look even more handsome now.

So, evolving made your eyesight worse, then?

Oh, you.

Rugby became a Furret...

Wow! I feel like I just ate a whole bag of Chesto Berries! Who wants to have a race?

...while Nutmeg became a Nuzleaf.

Hah! I'll be at the finish line while you'll be puking up a lung!

Madam Dot became a Ledian...

I won't lose so long as the stars sparkle and shine in the sky!

...and Nigel became a Mightyena.

Heh heh heh heh... what's next, bossman?

Looks like it's my turn.


...what's wrong?

...good luck!

(I'm scared... I don't even know why. Sheldon, please be all right!)

(Oh! There's the flash! I'd better back up...)

...well? What do you think?


...oh, come on, it's not that bad, is oof!

Oh, Sheldon, I was so scared... I thought maybe it wouldn't be you that came out or something... but it is! It really...

...really is...

Oh, Jake. Nothing's gonna change me being your friend. Certainly not some glowy rock in a hole in the ground.



...I'm gonna do it.

You're sure?

...Yes. Yes, I'm sure.

Okay. I'll wait right here for you.

(This is it... I've given up my human life. I'm a Pokémon now. And it's time to evolve. I'm still scared... but Sheldon's my best friend. And he'll be there for me... no matter what.)

Well? Did I... come out okay?

...Welcome back, Jake. I missed you while you were gone.

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Jake tours his Friend Areas! Thanks to Myrmadon for helping design Jake's new headshot.