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Part 28: In the Zone

Part 27: In the Zone

Welcome back to the jam, while we finished our any% speedrun in record time, there's still plenty more to go, so let's get cracking!

Twinleaf Town Night

It's like we never started, but I don't fancy typing all the dialogue from the first update ago, yow.

Beating the game nets us yet another star, it's like they're giving these things away! I guess since we're nearly there we might as well get all 5, I'm sure it won't be that hard.

I don't know what it was about, but he was shouting about you needing to get on a ship at Snowpoint City. You know how impatient he is. He was gone before I could ask. Anyway, how's it going, kid? Is your project with Professor Rowan coming along?

Always a wonderful sight. We've still got a fair few to capture, but the postgame gives us a lot of options, so it won't take too long, probably.

Awesome! You've seen every kind of Pokemon in Sinnoh! You have to show this Pokedex to Prof. Rowan!

Rowan's Laboratory

Hmm... so, you've seen 210 Pokemon. Excellent work, Hikari! The Pokemon of the Sinnoh region are being added to your Pokedex. This will certainly help with my studies of Pokemon evolution...

I'll tell you, Sinnoh certainly is a long trip from Kanto. Of course, if it means meeting new Pokemon, there's no distance too great for the likes of us to travel.

Oh! If it isn't my old colleague, Professor Oak! I should have expected as much from the world's authority on Pokemon! We always used to joke, "Where there are Pokemon, you'll find Oak!" It's good to see that hasn't changed one bit! Professor Oak, let me introduce you to my young assistant. This youngster has filled every page of the Sinnoh Pokedex for me.

I've been hearing a great deal about you from Professor Rowan lately. He's been exuberant in praise about a fantastic young Trainer. I see that you live up to--no--that you've surpassed his praise. You've also got an impeccable sense of timing. You see, I had an errand to run for Professor Rowan on my visit here. He'd asked me to bring the data for the National Pokedex, you see. So, since you're here, let me upgrade your Pokedex with the National Mode. After all, there are many kinds of Pokemon in this world of ours!

However, I'm sure you will make an honest attempt on our behalf!

Have no fear, Hikari will get the job done. By the way, Professor Oak, what compelled you to visit this region?

Ah, yes, I've heard that the Pal Park is now open. If I remember correctly, it's at the end of Route 221. The Pal Park has a special system that attracts every imaginable kind of Pokemon from every region. I've come to make certain that system is operating properly. Hikari, you should make an effort to visit the Pal Park, too. Oops! I'll be late for my meeting if I don't get going! OK, it was a pleasure seeing the both of you! Bye, now!

Off he goes, as busy as ever... now, Hikari... I have a gift here as your reward for completing the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Use it, and it will indicate grass patches where Pokemon are lurking. I'd prepared that to help my field assistants put together the Sinnoh Pokedex, but you took care of that! I'm sure it will be useful for your goal of filling the National Pokedex. The world is immense. There are many more Pokemon. That means there are many more thrills for you to seek and enjoy!

Another game, another National Dex. Ignore the extra stuff I've seen, that was accidental encounter manipulating. Like Emerald, I will not be completing the Nat Dex, oh god no, but there are many, MANY Pokemon, old and new, to encounter in the postgame, so I'll do my best!

Professor Rowan has been studying Pokedex systems with Professor Oak. Professor Oak is Professor Rowan's junior in terms of seniority.

Imagine... cataloging every kind of Pokemon in the Sinnoh region! And in complete contrast, there's Lucas... anyway, you've been great for the prof's Pokemon-evolution research!

There was news on TV saying there is a massive outbreak of Pokemon! That'd be great for filling up your Pokedex! Let me see... what did that news say now...? Route 227! They said there's a whole bunch of SPINDA there! Hikari, you have to hurry! I want you to do better than my brother Lucas!

Swarms are back, with a vengence, there are TWENTY TWO Pokemon that can appear on their respective route on a given day. There were more in DP, but obviously not needed due to being added to the Sinnoh Dex, like Absol and Lickitung, as well as some weird outliers, like Pidgey, but there's a lot of Pokemon you won't find anywhere else, like Farfetch'd, Doduo, Drowzee, Krabby, Voltorb, Cubone, Pinsir, Natu, Dunsparce, Snubbull, Corsola, Delibird, Phanpy, Larvitar, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Makuhita, Skitty, Electrike, Spoink, Spinda and Beldum. So a few.

There's a lot of different things we can do around old locales, but I think the more interesting thing is to head straight to the new island!

I think it's good that our world is constantly changing. Of course, I don't want it to become what only one person wants. A world like Cyrus envisions... no one would want that. The kind of world I want to see is where everyone can share their joy. Where Pokemon and the people around them can be happy for each other. I want the world to become a place where everyone is smiling. The world could be so much better if we all tried to make it that way. I want you to keep traveling to many far-off places. I want you to keep meeting all kinds of people and Pokemon. I came all the way here just so I could say that to you. Your horizons will expand again if you visit the Fight Area as well. I hope our paths cross again!

Well she's more similar to Cyrus than she thinks, in that she also loves the sound of her own voice.

Fight Area Day / Night

I'm fining you $100 million! Actually, never mind the fine. Come with me, will ya?

"which happens to be right here."

Then these guys came along and got in my face about it. Like, they're saying they want to test me if I'm good enough and all that. Like, as if I need to prove anything. So, let's team up. Like we did at the Spear Pillar. Let's show those guys how good we are! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! So there's an Elite Four and a Gym Leader. We can whoop 'em!

This situation just cooks! The drama and tension sizzles! Flint, the fiery master of fire Pokemon, is going to put you to the test! Let Flint see how hot your spirit burns!

I don't know how I managed to get myself into this, but... show me the skills that got you through the Pokemon League!

Flint and Volker Battle

Barry already being much more helpful than last time, but it can only last so long. The postgame starts right out with some real challenge, I can't wait!

Snorlax doesn't do much, but I suppose it's a good wall. Flint is actually the weak link since his Houndoom dies instantly, and since the couple brought matching sweaters, it also means he draws the short straw in Eeveelutions.

You might think I'm mad, but we need to focus on them both equally.

Heracross was never gonna do anything, let's be honest.

While Jolteon is loving all these Charge Beam boosts, we still gotta focus on the main threat.

Alright, nearly done here, Barry might actually make it through this!

Never mind...

Right, what's next for the postgame?

... ... ... ...

Hey! Don't burn out on us! Now you're just getting in the way! Hahaha! That was a blast! Our combination came up short, but you're also a lot tougher as well. Promise me we'll do this again. I'll see to taking this husk home.

OK, I'm off to the Fronti...

Huh? Ah! If it isn't Barry! You've grown all sturdy! And Hikari, too! I haven't seen you in a long time, either! Barry, your mother told me you'd gone off to the Battle Zone. So I had to come running looking for you. So, are you two going to take the Battle Frontier challenge? The Frontier has five facilities that are all dedicated to battling. Each one has a unique set of rules, so they're all different. Of course, you have to be good to win at any of them. Anyway, I'm satisfied to see that you're both doing well. I'll go back to my usual place in the Battle Tower. I'll be looking forward to your challenge.

You think so too, right? He's a Frontier Brain, after all. He's the Tower Tycoon! I want to be cool like my dad! Hikari, that's the one reason I decided to become a Trainer! Ooh, what am I going to do? Should I make the challenge now? Or do I train some more? OK! I've decided! I'm going to get tougher! By a lot! I finally made it here! There's no need for haste now.

You're something special, aren't you? Beating an Elite Four like that. Oh, right, howdy. The name's Buck. I'm usually training at the Survival Area or Stark Mountain. You should come up there. You'll get toughened up for sure!

Alright, the Battle Frontier... we'll head there in a sec. Let's see what this place is like. And yeah, it's pretty crazy different compared to DP, remember to click the image to compare.

Hmm! We're of identical minds! Hmm! Take this Super Rod!

The habit of putting the Super Rod postgame begins. Well, okay that started in Gen 2, but only because it's in the same place as Gen 1 and, well... you know what I mean. Lots of good stuff to be found from this.

Or cover for a weakness instead? It's a dilemma that comes up every time I let a Pokemon hold an item.

Good to restock in time for the proper stuff. There's no second clerks in the Battle Zone, so all the extra stuff is back on the mainland.

Anyway here's the thing. You might be thinking it's time to have you guys vote on which Pokemon you want me to use in the 5 different facilities, but guess what fuccbois, I already did all five facilities in my Crystal LP, that also did HGSS stuff, that also did the Battle Frontier since at the time, I wasn't planning on doing this game! Or even Emerald, I was gonna do Etrian Odyssey after that, but man did things change. For the better, I think. Basically, I've already done them, fuck off.

Route 225 Day / Night

Let's ignore the dumb and bad battle facilities and instead have a blast in new areas, new music, more postgame!

We'll be seeing a fair few repeats, since these were the first time we got these items in DP. Well it was in a slightly different place, but Gliscor wasn't in the Sinnoh Dex, so it didn't matter!

Oh yeah, there's also a bunch of old Pokemon, but remember their catch rates are the same, level doesn't hugely matter!

Don't forget your HMs, this is still Sinnoh after all.

The trainers are a little tough, but tend to use all kinds of mons, so it balances out. It'll be a bit rough to begin with, but our team has plenty more room to grow!

Also means I have stuff to show off in battles again! Don't think our team will remain static either.

It doesn't matter where they grow. Pokemon can be made tougher anywhere if you set your mind to it.

I was born in the Hoenn region. I've only just recently flown here.

I'll never get tired of whacking.


What will you do after this? Why don't you decide for yourself? It would be much more fun that way!

Now that we have the best rod, let's see what we can get.

Yup yup, nice to finally get some obvious mons for the first time. Like, yeah, we could've evolved Magikarp a long time ago, but this is the first time in this game we can just straight out catch this mon, saves me evolution time.

Here's another fish.

The route is a little winding, but taking the opposite stairs leads us back to the triple trainers.

Since we're nearly done with this game, the loot is off the charts!

Most of the time.

I think it's ecological, even. I am cleaning up the environment!

I can assure you we're making progress.

Battling you was an eye-opener. I learned something very important in that short time.

Alright, as soon as we find a Wobbuffet, we can make Wynaut. Woo. Also the second Leaf Stone not counting the Underground, and I never do!

Water is the wellspring of life. Having said that, no one knows where Pokemon originated.

Now we have two of each item, but do you ever need more than one???

I fed my gang Protein, Carbos... you name it, I pumped 'em full of it.

Being in the postgame, the evolutions are actually more common, we lucked into finding the rare Rattata. I'll be catching any new Pokemon we come across, regardless if we need it, but the rarer ones that don't show up can just fuck off.

Your attempts to exploit my HM use is admirable, but I cannot use HMs if I don't have to.

Do you see it? I didn't, I ran right past like an idiot.

Might need to complain to the manager about these useless balls I have. Spearow is another rare mon, but I won't get it.

Now hold up, hold up, you might think it's out of character to not get this, and you're right, but getting this move for single player is practically suicide, and Skulletor is fragile enough. Besides, we only got Stone Edge 2 updates ago, we can get this later for some real important fights.

A Dragon Tamer Champion... I'll need to train so much more to even come close to coming close...

Well we don't need this, but sure.

As night falls, Banette arrives, but Shuppet is only obtainable from breeding.

Better disguised than the goddamn ninjas.

How much you believe in your Pokemon... that's a critical factor in how a battle will turn out.

Survival Area Day / Night

Last Mart in the game doesn't offer much, but there's not much here anyway, so we'll soon head off.

"paralyzed, or burned."

I've got the Technical Machine for it right here. You want it?

Facade's a good move for your Pokemon to have. Your opponent will think twice about poisoning or paralyzing your Pokemon.

And that's about it for this place. Well, I suppose there's one more thing.

It's a secret to everybody.

Hey it's the final move tutor! There's a lot of real good moves for us to get, including Earth Power for Etrian, which works a lot better for double battles and that, but there's one member that needs something better.

Return was getting less and less useful due to difficult battles and Revival Herbs, so this is some much needed coverage.

That's some real good moves, including Heat Wave, but we don't have enough for something else, so we'll come back later, we'll be in this area again I'm sure.

Alright, there's still plenty to explore, so let's get going! Next time.