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Part 17

Der Metzgermeister posted:

BLASPHEMY! Col. Crazy is our Tom Berenger. Everybody needs a Tom Berenger on the team.

Colonel Crazy is a rebel cannon on the loose with every fuse lit and ready to fire pure awesome

... huh.

That's neat

Unbelievable, I think you mean...

... wait, why am I even bothering to try to help them with their grammar?


Er... I'm watching them. They're sort of just... existing there. Yep.

Maybe they found what? Also, Drake Draco is from now one SENOR DRAGONMAN

I wonder if he's anything like Andy Warhol!

If you know you're about to fall down, put your hands out to lessen the impact?

Oh I see what you did there

Nah, I'm good. Maybe later

I've got three soup cans right now, I'll show them to you later if you really want :T


: ... and wastes time digging it
: It's not nice to insult other's hobbies, you know.


That sounds totally not plausible...

How's that anything to do with Polkadots? I'm confused

I don't get most of what you just said there, other then HEY you insulted Nurse Joy What are you, sexist?


"Baro is the most amazing thing ever! I could just go on forever talking about Baro!{/i]

I don't know... that sounds secluded and creepy and

It's... OK I guess

Real Dolls

Ew, a Cactus Pokemon Real Doll, just lovely... what I always wanted


Machinae de Technicale

*Plays Laughtrack*


Probabally. I prefer live things more then keeping them dead, personally. Sicko.

Necrophiliac of the extreme kind


Plugoink's evo is silly

Shifting out so as to not hurt Colonel Crazy too much

Swap.bear can handle basically anything (that isn't Ghost, Fighting, or made of Rock)

Hey, you attacked me first

But mudsport cancels out electric attacks



Yay, finally, it's about..

... fuck this puzzle is pointless and annoyyyinnnng



Thanks I guess?

... jerk

Ahhh, a Toll Bridge Troll!

Sorry, but Ogres and Trolls are different

Colonel Crazy can't do much against this guy so...

You say that now that you have a COLONEL CRAZY against your neck, buster :T

... whelp, no going this way I guess?

Because the lord of this land is crazy and

:heart: Thunderbolt :heart:

It's pretty much on par with everyone else's (a really bad par) yay sucky 4th wall breaking

... wow, I was right about the "Grey Hill" thing.

Do I look like a Russian Mechanic? I'm barely a teenager

And time to switch to...

Ionic :whattup:

Hell yes


Ivoro used teleport!

I forgot to buy Pokeball anyway

It is reading my mind (5 glory points to Awesomesaurus)

Pirate stereotypes ARRRRRRRRR

... so wait, Ionic is going to end up evolving into a pillar that is also a hat?

Round one!

Fran is a girl's name

Not the best match up in the world, so...

JONIC ON JONIC VIOLENCE! Oh the blank stares!

Magnitude awesome

Switcheroo leveling!

Aaaand this last Jonic was basically turned to dust.

Ja... what?

Oh, it's Imakuni again.

Colonel Crazy'd.

I just know these so called "mana nests" are going to be really disappoint and/ or make no sense at all

Ladalaaa ♪
Ladalaaa ♪

Sure I guess?

It's like it's attacking a mirror!

Yeah well, I think you lost!

... sorry, that was terrible



You must have been a very stupid child

There's a rock stopping my progress. Well, I suppose it's time for COLONEL CRAZY to get to wo-

Thanks RedChocobo


Whelp, here we go:

... Well this isn't very exciting and magical.

Dragonite Lite: Now With Lime!

Training to reach the top, eh?


Where reality bends and the magic reaches high enough level, myth becomes reality and the impossible becomes possible... There Be Dragons.

... maybe the world is on a giant tortoise after all...

Nice hat

... nuts.

... bugger.

I sort of feel sad for the little guys, getting beaten by Swap.bear

I guess you should have done your fact finding.

... huh, is this what Bugzapper's evo looks like maybe? I have no idea. How does Bugzapper evolve anyway? Metal coat maybe? Thunderstone?

Ooh, rock me Amadeus (5 glory points LeftEddie)

Diamonds and jewels they said! Magical treasures and things beyond my very comprehension... meh. Even the dragons here were pretty lame...


AlphaMole posted:

This pillar is the backbone of the team!