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Part 32

The hunt for a Pokeblock case continues. :|

Well aren't you a lazy loser

Whosa whatsa?

Ah yes: Beer, Soda, and Absinthe... "energy drinks" indeed. Hm.

Well, no Pokeblock cases here I guess I'll check out the town more.

Why would Whola be so popular? He's ugly and deformed and just really painful to look at


Awww, it's almost like it's not from this entire zone!

This was actually sort of witty of Baro. It's a joke on the "Mew in the truck in Vermillion" rumor that existed for the first few years after Pokemon Red and Blue came out

"Welcome to the SS A-" "Sorry, you're not SS until you've been to White Port. :T" " "

I highly doubt that

Boy oh boy

The hunt for a Pokeblock case continues


I dunno, that sounds pretty dumb. You're pretty dumb. EVERYTHING IS PRETTY DUMB!




... no, not really.

I really, really doubt that Especially since I can kick every one of your asses

They're also blocking the exit to the city right now! :T

I guess I'll see if I can get a contest pass.

important items blah blah.

But this apparently isn't how I get a Pokeblock case I guess I'll check up on that Marble Castle everyone is talking about.

This is a big stairway.

Uhhh, I don't even have a Marble Key so this is especially confusing Plus Comrade? That's rather... Russian. Like... AMBAR!

Hooray, it's a... castle. Of sorts. With lots of Booberry's brothers, which I don't need :T

I bet I can find it!

I didn't have one but somehow I had one at the same time and the door opened? Unless I got a key earlier and I forgot about it.

Cleanse Tag in some pocket or another.

We can't go to these "Dungeons", so let's scale the tower!

That's what I'm wondering

: ""
: " "

When you mess with the FOXY you get the BEATING

But... I thought he was trying to...? Ugh, I don't even know anymore


I dunno, there's quite a decent amount of people here. Seems quite the popular attraction.


Like what? I mean, I can't see how a Castle can inspire magic tricks all that much.

Oh, it's a magic castle, I gotcha what, you're nuts lady

Uhhh people here are wierd

Home is where the heart is... but I'm not sure what that has to do with this? I have no idea where I was going with that

The magical tower of Corna? Is that like a different tower or something? It better not be something really dumb named like QUARTZTOWER because uh, seriously

They're all the same so far

Okay, now THAT thing is wierd.

... this thing too. Really, I'm not all that surprised anymore Eventually you just get used to this stuff.

Yeah, that was pretty wierd. My fire T-Rex bit your psychic flying Elephant in half. only in Corna

I noticed. I've been getting items from them I have a suspicion that if I go down every one of them, I'll eventually land in the dungeons

I found a log! Oh boy!!!

Your sentence is a challenge for me to understand. I'm... confused


... okay not really.


Perhaps you're a fucking lunatic!

So the weak and fragile will survive?

It's log, it's logggg!

... yeah I guess jumping down more now...

And we ended up in the dungeons! Wow.

... wow, that's a whole new bucket of ugly right there.

VV (I forgot who came up with the name, I think it was maybe LeftEddie? I dunno)

I wonder if this is the other bug's overweight cousin.

... what? :T He's a Fat Beetle.

And we go down yet another level of Dungeon. Spooky. And we find this guy!

Wow, he must be a jerk. And I can't save you apparently. :T Maybe Team Ambar is onto something with this Castle.


Sure I guess?

... that's seriously retarded. So, they made magical canes randomly out of Quartz, not exactly the most rare material, and somehow one summoned the GOD OF CHAOS, Barotao- whoops, I mean Garotao, and then at random the other somehow summons a peaceful Pokemon God, and somehow this actually happened.


You're not making this up?


Not even a little?


Moving on...

No one. No one at all, Mr. Ambar Guy! I'm uh... a very foxy batch of fog. Yeah.

Whoooosh I am foggggg... I don't think it's working

Yeah, Murderfish is kicking ass, and not even bothering to take names because it's so many asses being kicked.


I have no idea what's going on now

You know, THAT thing for THAT purpose to achieve THAT goal for THAT group of people in THAT place.

Oh hey, it's one of the generic grunts I've been beating up all game! Hey!

Oh yeah, this is the one from the beginning who always curses

Hasn't stopped me before

Yep. So tell me, what's it like having grown up on a Ranch, anyway? I bet you have some hilarious stories involving tractors.

see, she thinks its funny too


Uhhh thanks for the hint?

I bet it sucks to be a water-flying type trainer with these guys around, huh.


It can summon Babos?

Er, thanks. I appreciate it.

That was pretty dumb of your ancestors.

Ah yes, thank you for simplifying it down for me. This is the worst world domination plot ever

Let's go to Seablue, I guess!

I fit in well in the crowd, I suppose. Other then being hotter then everyone there

... I think there's blood spilling out of my ears. I think my brain ruptured a bit in pain. Give me a minute.


It sounds like he's asking me out


This is seriously retarded.

DIRTY and STINKY, almost like a SEWER like cesspool of a place, you could say.

Uh yeah, that's nice.


Let's go enter a Pokemon Contest!


DA KING is the Coolest thing around you guys don't stand a chance


Yeah, sure I guess

Well you see, Da King flies in the air, and he has a lock on the situation.

Yeah enough of this go away :T

... wait, oh yeah, Team AMBAR. So uh yeah, those jerks are really wierd. Let's summurize their plots against the world, shall we?

They are a team of Circus Trainers/ Mechanics/ Russians? that love electric Pokemon to the point of Fetishism. They first tried stealing a (broken) ghost (now invisible creature) detecting device to try to use it to inflate the sun to power up electric Pokemon. This failed. Then they tried stealing a dragon fang or egg or something to do a MAGICAL CEREMONY in order to summon the God of Chaos in order to inflate the sun to power up electric Pokemon. This failed. Now they stole the Quartz Cane o' Chaos in order to summon the God of Chaos in order to inflate the sun to power up electric Pokemon. For some reason this plan involves stealing a submarine.