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Part 33

Hooray! It ends up it was in SeaBlue all along! TO THE SAFARI ZONE!

Quite the bargain, really




#pokegoons Safari Zone edition[/quote posted:

<Cuw_> where the hell did its wings go
<ThemeMusicB> Failution
<Cuw_> it used to be able to fly really fast
<Cuw_> but then they fell off
<Zorak> yeah I don't get the evolutionary excuse for that
<RedChocobo> wait
<RedChocobo> wait
<Zorak> "oh they just don't exist anymore"
<RedChocobo> Rafter
<ThemeMusicB> Earhart
<RedChocobo> it builds tiny rafts
<Quickman> Zorak: dodos lost the ability to fly. They started off as pigeons.
<Zorak> well that's different
<Cuw_> but they couldn't fly really fast
<Zorak> Dodos have the build for it
<Zorak> This thing is pathetic
<Zorak> I mean what does it have going for it
<Zorak> really
<CheeseballIV> He looks like a mop
<Zorak> I'd say it's a Kiwi bird
<Badger> name it Hoover
<Zorak> But we already have one of those

Seriously, this is a retarded looking Pokemon. And also the most bountiful here (5 glory points to ThemeMusicB)

That's what our plan is too. Except with less catchphrasery.

I do this for free :T

It's a Clown-Bee... of sorts.

He's a very special bee! (5 glory points to Cuw_)

This guy isn't bad looking

I like this one (5 glory points to Drake`Lake!)


Well this thing sucks.

I think we're onto a general naming pattern right now (5 glory points to Middy)

All I catch are Dudkips

Well, our first round is down

... huh.

It's like if someone combined a bull, a football, and a loaf of bread in one!

Pig Skin + Loaf = PIFLOAF hell yeah (5 glory points to Cuw_)

This guy is pretty depressing

He's like a depressed little explosive berry

If you say "Allah Snackbar" I'm going to kick you (5 glory points to LeftEddie)

It's... sort of cute. I guess.

It's the nose and 'stache. (5 glory points to mastersord)

This is pretty much the worst unicorm-horse-pony-deer-whatever ever

Return to the sanndssss! (5 glory points to Stalgren)

Wow, this thing totally has... no spine at all, huh.

(5 glory points to Cheeseball IV)

Well this guy is depressing

Fitting (5 glory points to whoever, sorry)

I've got nothing to say about this guy. At all. Other then that, that is. (5 glory points to Cheeseball IV)

Well this guy is... this guy is... this guy.

I can probabally sell it as a bong to some guys outside that "Pet Store" if I want to (5 glory points to, you guessed it, Cheeseball IV)

worst safari zone ever