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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 37

I guess I'll look around this town and see if there's any interesting information, maybe about where Team Ambar is at.


I don't know... I was at the top of the town for a bit there. It was like I had been fused with the rocks due to a wierd distortion of reality

Helicopters are expensive, you know. And you need like six gym badges to use Fly... you guys are pretty exclusive, aren't you


The english language is melting awayyyy

That's true at least

No don't

Now I've got stalkers

H-hey! They dubbed some guy's voice over mine... is that... Baro!?! Oh come ON!

Totally uncalled for

It's Colonel Crazy!

That's Da King!

That makes no sense


Her again


... and then it stopped at random. I.... have no idea

It is pretty blinding. Luckily I have these sunglasses

Like what, boots? Seagrasses? Those are pretty boring...

I dunno, if I found ANCIENT TREASURE i'd probabally sell it off for a plane ticket back to Kanto... hell, I'd take a ticket by Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Johto right now

Yay Da King!

And don't you forget it

Yeah well...

Cool like Misty so cool

Yeah I don't think I'm even going to bother watching TV again these shows are pretty dumb, even when they're about the glory of, well, me

Not in Corna... well okay, Da King and Col. Crazy are cool but... Murderfish is violent and scary... SWAP.bear is always a liability to go and rape something... Fuegomelet is uh, also violent and scary... and Dudkip is... sort of just Dudkip


... wait, balloons? ... huh. I'm not sure I'm following...

I don't even want to KNOW how you managed to plant grass in quartz. I bet it's dumb and will really hurt .

Yeah I know about it. I have on in my backpack. It's heavy and rather annoying. I'm still looking for a pawn shop to drop this thing off at

A city of legends known for fairy tales. Doesn't that basically mean this city is a lying city of liars? IT'S ALL A LIE!?

Yeah probabally Gym leaders in Corna really have alot of healing items. Wusses.

SOIEs are retarded, flounder like fish. You're retarded. But on the other hand, STRAWBAYAS are also retarded, looking pieces of fruit... okay, you're both retarded.


Ramon... must really like getting stuff measured? VV

Nah. I wouldn't want to live in some isolated place like this. With nowhere to run

But is it keeping people out... or is it keeping them in!?

Not really because I KNOW it'll be stupid.

Oh yay berries, I guess ! Wait... did he just make a bunch of bullshit up and try to bribe me into forgetting it with berries? Ehh

Thanks for the PSA, Sonic the Hedgehog


Well, Bricks are pretty... bricky, I suppose.

.... Must... destroy... all... bricks... !!!

Oh, well, that works too.

I bet that means she's psychic or something dumb Oh well, I guess I'll do something else... I think I'll go look in those swamps for Team Ambar again. I get the feeling I missed part of the lower swamp

Yep, looks like it. ONWARDS!

Uh, I was just sort of passing through but okay...

Hahaha, shut up.

Whatever floats your boat, Mister.

fuck yeah now we're burning jungle with fire

Thanks for the hint. I was sort of wondering why your pelvis is, uh, covered with mud but I sort of wish I didn't know now.

... so uh, the only way to go to the next Sea is via... swamp? How the hell do all those sailors get to here then? I'm going to die down again...

Deep trenches. It's really cold here

A cave... huh.

Hey, it's the Sub!

Speak for yourself, random voice, but I'm pretty curious as to how they did it.

Oh sh- oh wait, nevermind. For a second there I thought these rooms were forbidden. I was almost about to run out of here.

More crazy language! I'd translate it... but I won't.

She has a tendency to tell you guys that I'm coming... but you guys never actually do anything about it. You aren't very motivated, are you?

I thought this entire place was "Fordibben"? Make up your minds!

Moving on, I noticed that beyond this Rock there were a bunch of stones that needed to be rolled. Sadly, Dudkip doesn't learn strength. However, I had a hunch that his evolution did so I leveled him up and...

And he does Now to move onward.

Nobody has even told me what that means yet

So fordibben is somehow related to a chaos god sleeping... hm...

Oh boy... rock puzzles

... Well, aren't we easily exictable?

Yeah, I sort of do tend to do that

Oh god violent people

Generally electro-shock deaths are instantaneous but... uh... yeah let's not argue this

Um... no thanks? I'll just go look for this Chaos god and... uh yeah. Not die.

The rooms are looping what if I go up now

Yeah I'm kinda wierded out too.

Yeah, you say that while crying like a girl.

Aaand going up leads me back into this room. Huh. Time to try another path.

Woo different way. With more stone puzzles!

And water... stuff.

Getting stuck in the wrong part of the current takes you back to the looping tunnels... somehow.

Who installed these currents anyway


Oh hey, it's.. some sort of... dragon. Well, at least it LOOKS like a dragon and not like some sort of turkey. Or fish

Yeah, I figured that. Oh wait, crap

Apparently Arseus isn't the only one

That sort of sucks, you know. A bit draught is a bad thing, what with all the heat and no water and suck.

Look- do you even know how Sunny Day works!? FIRE TYPES.

Because I don't tan well

Says who?

... Oh. Well... yeah, okay let's DO this.

... well that's one down already.

Aaand the potion tossing begins it takes out Da King too.

Lucky bites and slashes

More lucky bites + slashes Buuut then it uses self destruct.

Time to take down Murderfish's brother once and for all!

Well it WAS a bad type match up

Max Revive

Then again... with all of these people tossing potions over and over again, the battles are pretty much alot of the same hit them until they're at slightly above 1/4, then hope for a critical hit :P

Team Foxy wins again.

Uh... yes, yes you are

Are you sure that's a good idea. Because I don't

oh god the color blue is attacking

oh no

... and then it flies off.

Haha, you just stood up by a dragon.

So uh, does this mean the world is ending? That... could be bad

*ring ring*

: "... yes. That's... about right."

Warning: Never paly with gran forces. Because pwoer corrsupts or something along those typoed lines.

You never saw this coming? Seriously? You guys really are the worst villians ever

Yeah, they are

Uh, I don't think she was playing god... I'm pretty sure that god of chaos is the one playing god right now but... yeah okay.


Do I have to?

Yeah, way to go asshole

all your fault... alllllllll your fault...

What are you talking about? Please, by all means, blame yourself.

You're pretty nonchalant about this Let me guess, you're going to make me do this crap

Well that one pass had snow. That'd be pretty cool. Plus cute birds

I really, really hope not

Oh go home and cry into your covers until they catch flame or something. I AM RATHER TIRED OF YOUR DUMB EVIL PLOTS AND NOW POST PLOT WHINING please go away

Uh, where did you come from? Also: the sun is expanding because a group of Russian Circus Mechanics who wanted to power up electric Pokemon ended up finding a god of chaos and used a rod made out of Quartz to awaken it in order to inflate the sun to power up electric Pokemon. This being after they tried using a dragon bone, a broken ghost detector, and other means to do the same thing.

... yeppp.

Yeah that.

Who? Oh, the hippy-wizard-stoner-king from the Castle. Gotcha.

Youuuu go do that. I guess I'll uh, just stand her a bit. I don't tan well, but I guess I might as well take advantage of the situation.

Um, nobody in particular. Just... a girl. Named Foxy. Nobody who knows anything about any Peace-Pokemon summoning rods or anything.

Wha- why me?

And then he flies off. What a wierdo.

My skin is starting to tingle so I guess I should do something about this. When there's trouble, find a young teenage girl to solve your problems.

Yeah, I get that too sometimes. I think you call that... Corna.

Probabally sunburn.

... wait, you're the creepy baloon guy. Steeepppin' backkk

We met once and you were drugged up and wierd and gave me a random large gem stone, which while nice, I couldn't exactly find a way to pawn off.

Five seconds ago really.

Um... yeah I guess.

... Um... yeah...

... But I don't even know you. Are you like trying to make a virgin sacrifice of me or something to the dragon?

Thanks for the help.

Way to be supportive.

Dark rooms, yay. I'm TOTALLY not leaving here to find something that knows flash, though.

Well, I'm in the right room. Now, if I remember, the Cane of Order is supposed to summon some peaceful Pokemon to make Kaosune go away or something?

Now to wait. Wow, this wasn't so bad.

Wait why is it moving towards me. oh go-

Um... this is bad news. Though somehow he's been weakened by the rod for no real apparent reason!

Aaand that was it for Swap.bear really.

Aaaand there goes Da King

Luckily MURDERFISH was able to weaken him more... and now... FOR THE BALL TO CLOSE ALL THE WAY...

Yay! I now have a (weakend) god at my disposal! TAKE THAT CORNA!

... wait, so they go on and on about how AMAZING THIS GOD OF CHAOS IS and then they just outright way how there's an EVEN MORE CHAOTIC AND GODLY GOD OF CHAOS out there. I guess that's that "GAROTAO" they spoke of

Um... yeah I have no idea.

this plot is retarded. seriously. ow.