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Part 4: Girl (Scouts) gone wild.

As of this writing, the goons have started up a contest to see who can produce the "best" Volcano Bakemeat after Chic Trombone concocted a recipe. So far, the prize money is approaching 60 dollars or so in various rewards for this insanity.

Edit: And the thread's gold already, Jesus.

The 3C- hatches into Deke.

And all was well in the world.

Heading into the forest west of town, a Bible-thumping old lady warns Terry away from Satanism.

This NPC relates that his boss has...okay, this conversation is pure gibberish to the point where I can't even come up with something to interpret it as.

Quoth the Oucong: Nevermore.

Oookay, let's check what a Nostrum is.

Ah, okay, it revives Elfs that fall in battle with half HP. Nostrums will be key to the Team Jihad plan, as I can just make my Elfs explode, revive them, and then make them explode again as needed.

Terry catches a Koda, and promptly names it Emote, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, Terry chases the Oucong back to the NPC, who is joined now by his boss. As a reward, we get the Secre that can teach an Elf the Saw stunt.


For the sake of not having to teach Torgo the crappy Saw stunt, Terry catches an Ath. Ath is a really fun guy, according to the Illustrated Handbook.

Gentlemen, behold! I give you...Corn! This calls for a party of some sort. Corn party corn party corn party!

Corn and everything else Terry has caught wind up in the unplugged computer, while Cutup, the renamed Ath, is taught the Saw stunt.

This guy further into the forest is banging his head against trees to try and attract Elfs.

Leaving the forest, Terry is greeted almost immediately by a Kezi, which uses the Move ability to warp away. Let's see what other Elfs are around.

First off is Swab, which snorts dreams through its proboscis.

Pud tries to make its eyeballs swirl as it sings people to sleep.

Kezi just lazes around like a warping hobo.

Terry finds himself fascinated by a signpost.

Only to be confronted by a dastardly thief, who has evidently stolen a child and dressed it up as an Elf in an attempt to smuggle it out of the country!

Cfour is furious about this atrocity!

What is it with girl scouts being so messed up in this game!? This one asks Terry if he's an Elf or not, asking him to train her. Is this a creepy fetish thing?

Cfour learns Edu in the middle of the ensuing battle, allowing it to begin fulfilling its role in Team Jihad.

Defeating the girl scout only seems to encourage her! Terry's flattered, but also quite disturbed!

Wait, she's calling him Master now?!

And she collects "props"...?

She begs for Terry's phone number. Terry wisely refuses.

She's disappointed, offering to "play up" for him. Run, Terry, run!

What is wrong with people around here!?

This guy even offers to sell poor Terry "props" when he has a good deal. No!

Finally arriving back in the comforting grip of civilization, Terry finds a Missile Bomb member staring at the local radio tower.

Heading into the underground tunnel for some coaching, Terry meets someone who screams out completely incomprehensible garbage.

Well, does the exploding sentient boulder named Cfour count?

Uh oh. I didn't even do anything that time except fast-forward through a battle with that guy. Note to self: save state more often.