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Part 6: Elvis Lives.

Before moving on to the next town, I'll be doing some general cleanup after beating Yu. First off, this woman here has the Finnail item, which randomly allows an Elf to attack first in battle.

After taking out a coach, Terry is horrified to hear that his mother bought him props. What is with NPCs in this game and those creepy things?

Terry hits the famous department store as well. One of the first things to catch his eye is the Pole item, which raises someone's score on physics exams. Useful for students, but not coaches.

The top floor offers various drinks with really funky names. Terry can't purchase any of them, unable to fit them in his bag.

This NPC attempts to tell Terry about traded Elfs. Specifically, you can't rename them.

The chemical floor sells various supplies for academic purposes. Terry hazily wonders if they have the stuff he can use to whip up a batch of Meth, although is disappointed to find that they do not.

Moving on, there's a fetch quest in the making next to the weird tre-


Her sister hands us a Pole since we've defeated Yu. Ah, paraphernalia, one more for Terry's collection.

Oh, those wacky druggies. Always giving weird names for their strains of plant.

Just what Terry needed. If this game had a mood meter for the protagonist, you can bet it would be rocketing missile bombing upward.

Really, I'd try to make more original jokes than just "haw haw drugs", but the game is practically shoving them in my face like a dead raccoon.

Terry and the Strange Tree have a philosophical dispute on the nature of recreational substances.

The Hushu is subjugated for all eternity, courtesy of that infinite Mainbals cheat.

And given a degrading brand for the rest of its worthless existence. Do not tell Terry that drugs are wrong. He'll enslave you and give you a profane name for the rest of your life.

Before continuing on, I was reminded that Team Jihad can get another addition back in the forest. First, we need to talk to this NPC, who immediately asks Terry to jack him off.

As an apology for that, he gives Terry the Skil 02, which teaches the Hit stunt.

Slave is taught how to Hit things, so now Terry can examine trees and order Slave to bash its head against them to make Elfs fall out.

Advertisements are everywhere these days.

Welcome to Team Jihad, Nitro. Nitro's moveset is rather lackluster, even at higher levels, so I hope to find some good Skils to use on it.

Arriving at Yz City, Terry is invited immediately to a dance hall. Still feeling the effects of the Tortoise Pot, this probably isn't the best time. Terry just wants a snack and a nap.

So before that, Terry's going to rest up at the Elf Center. He's interrupted immediately by this maniac, who claims to have developed a time machine.

Apparently, he's installed them all over the country. Terry has no intention of prying.

This girl waxes poetic about Mr. Tousongye, the head coach of the local gymnasium. We won't be heading there this update.

Terry opts to check out that song and dance hall, nothing better to do. It has a very creative name.

This NPC laments the lack of Elvis impersonators.

However, if Terry defeats all the dancers in an Elf battle, he'll give us a special prize.

I wouldn't call Cfour, Torgo, or Nitro beautiful by any stretch of the phrase. One is an exploding rock, one is an exploding pine cone, and one is a ferret-thing that's constantly on fire. Slave and Cutup aren't any better.

Each of the dancers has only a single Elf, and similar names.

They all have elemental variants of this Elf.

They're not that tough, but this one gives Terry trouble given his team's running weakness to Water. Also, Team Jihad isn't very suited to dancing either. Two of its members don't even have legs.

Vanity is no excuse for non-sequitor dialogue, ma'am.

After beating all five of them, the NPC admits that his prize is kind of worthless before forking it over anyway.

It never gets old, I swear.

And it's going right onto Slave's movelist.