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Part 7: Cultivated according to religious doctrine.

As opposed to water?

A man named Naji is searching for the Water Army in the tower, so maybe? It's a strange world where water can burn a tower down, but it's more or less par for the course here.

The local Gymnasium head coach is also around, investigating the tower. Both he and Naji are in search of the legendary A'en, one of three mythic Elfs said to be hidden here.

More relevantly for Terry, Dejis can be found in the tower! Not only are they prime candidates for Team Jihad, they vent various gases. Terry gets to experiment with inhalants!

Welcome to Team Jihad, Boomr.

Speaking of the team, Cfour has evolved into a Gelu from her previous Sicib form.

After a short interlude of training, Boomr lives up to his new name and learns Edu. Between him, Nitro, and Cfour, Team Jihad is progressing very nicely, though I think I might boot Nitro from the team due to being nearly useless outside of exploding.

Further inside the tower is Porno, who accuses Terry of slacking off and napping. Sounds about accurate.

Team Jihad makes quick work of Porno's team. As an aside, I've always hated Porno's personality, even in the remakes. "You're so weak! I hate weaklings! Despite the fact I've never won a single battle against you!"

Look, Porno, we've been over this, Terry has no interest in-

The floor promptly breaks open, dropping poor Terry down to the basement. Porno is so surprised that he's promptly forgotten who he was talking to.

Gack! Three legendary Elfs all in one place staring Terry down!

For better or worse, they all scamper off, though A'en gives Terry a quick inspection before fleeing.

Naji's been searching for 10 years for A'en, so he's grateful that Terry's surprised A'en out of hiding. Now Naji can track it!

Leaving the tower, an old man NPC has a fairy tale for Terry.

"Once upon a time, there were three little monsters. They didn't really do much, they just kind of existed, I've kind of forgotten the details on this one. Hey, are you listening!?"

"And then a pink thing came!"

"The end, do ho ho ho!" Terry is unamused.

Onto the Gymnasium, the gimmick here is the invisible floor. The trick is that all the coaches are looking at the path.

Side note: This sprite has always made me giggle. "WOOOOAAAA, HELLO THERE SONNY, I'M A CRAZY OLD LADY HOLDING UP A BEAD NECKLACE! Do you have any Vicks Drops? My sinuses are stuffing up again, it must be raining soon. You know, back when I was a lass, I knew this boy named Charlie..."

I'm sure you could ask one of the many depraved girl scouts and get an answer, ma'am. Terry practically has to chip them off with a paint scraper.


Jesus, Cfour has serious emotional issues to work through. It already has the powerful Anger attack, now it's learned Hate?

Ah, it raises the Power stat, increasing defense. "CFOUR HATE EVERYTHING. STUPID ELF! GREASY BAG FUCK."

The Gymnasium leader, who's name I've been unable to decipher, is one of those closet religious fanatics. Everything according to dogma!

And yet, he sympathizes with Terry's drug-addled ways. Both of them can see the rainbow monster! "It glows, dude. With like, all seven colors. Why are zucchinis green? Ever thought what the world would be like if fruits and vegetables were like, technicolor instead of the same boring colors all the time?"

I had trouble with the fight until I remembered "abilities like Levitate didn't arrive until 3rd gen." After that, Cfour swept the whole enemy team with Anger.

Oh there we go, his name was Songye.

Illusory Badge get, that's half of all the badges in whatever this insane country is called!

Honestly, updates just don't feel whole unless I include at least one of these.

Wow, that's...actually recognizable. I'm in shock.

Heading east of town, there's a cave to pass through on the way to the next town.

A young man of Karate House besieged this NPC, in his words. I'm surprised he's able to still stand.


I had to catch myself a Dongn. I just had to. You can't improve on perfection, so I left it with that name.

One of the coaches along the road has a Boat he attacks Team Jihad with. Boomr takes care of it effortlessly.

I wish a certain shark elf from 3rd gen was in this game, then I could make a Jaws joke.

That's...horrific. Terry does NOT want to meet this man, and neither do I!

Excuse me, you're the round one here!

Well, actually, I'd like to just pass through, and...

No, hey, are you listening?


Fucking shitfuck!

Off to the Anger Lake, I guess...