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Part 10: HerculesKabuTerrymon.

This update, sadly, contains very little in the way of translation trainwreckery. It's mostly just battles and badge advancement. Oh well, have to get it out of the way anyhow.

There are skiers along the water, which probably makes battling tough considering they're in constant motion and all.

Gluing healthy children to Elfs sounds like a poor idea, but coaches have never been rational people. It may involve some sort of sacrificial rite to please the elder gods, who knows.

One coach along the road has a Cow, but otherwise none of them are particularly notable.

Dy city is pretty small place. Well, there's a drug shop here, and a gymnasium to boot, so at least dragging Terry all the way out here is worthwhile.

Speaking of the gymnasium, it doesn't seem to be held in very high regard by the locals.

The citizens of Dy may or may not have been carved from rock, evidently. This explains the presence of the drugstore at least, that means they're all a bunch of stoners.

Acquiring the ultra-potent medicine for the sick Elf back at the tower goes about as well as you'd expect. Sticking Terry in a drugstore is like letting a 4-year old loose in a candy store.

The locals are a superstitious bunch, claiming that the islands surrounded by whirlpools were created by some sort of god. All fine and dandy, but there's nothing really there at the islands, so that must have been one bored-ass god.

Because this is Crystal version, there's a house where, if you had a Game Boy Printer, you could print out your Elfs. For obvious reasons, I can't exactly do this.

Torgo, you need more self-esteem. This old lady is able to check your Elf's feelings and offers basic information about them.

North of town, there's A'en again! You'd think having Toast in the party would have some effect, but nope.

The obsessive A'en follower guy challenges Terry to a fught immediately after. Er. Was he stalking and following Terry around this whole time?

All he can do is yell out nonsense upon defeat, much like many of Terry's enemies by this point.

Is that an admission of stalking, buddy?

Let's head into that gymnasium already. Well, that's a mediocre thing to say.

In places like this, they solve the taboo on public nudity by fisting each other.

Little known fact: Terry actually has herculean strength. He kind of ruins it by breaking the fourth wall and asking the player if he's allowed to use it.

Man, by this point in the game, I have to admit, Terry's one of the weirdest protagonists I've ever seen. He breaks the fourth wall, can shove boulders around, is a drug addict, and has deep-seated psychological issues stemming from the insanity of the world around him. Not to mention his mentally disabled mother whom he abandoned.

The fighters here are a little pissed that Terry's casually shoving their training boulders around. Normally, Elfs have to do that.

What's with all the fourth wall violation in this gymnasium?

The curator's team consists of two strong Elfs. This leaves them ripe for the picking for Team Jihad, as Boomr and Guano just blow up and end it in seconds.

Knocking-Badge get!

I can't even tell what the Skil he gives Terry does based on his description. Apparently it lets you observe bears safely. That sounds useless.

The curator's wife gives Terry a Secre that teaches an Elf how to fly around to towns already visited. Very useful, although Team Jihad lacks anyone who can use it. So it's the menial way back to the tower.

Returning to Yuzi, Terry forks over the medicine.

There, now we can actually take Yuzi on at his gymnasium. Don't you feel like we've accomplished something?

Yuzi corrects people about his name often, he's actually named Juzi. Juicey?

All of his team are weak to Torgo's fire attacks. The battle ends in under a minute.

In addition to the Steel Badge, Juzi forks over a Skil that lets Elfs determine how much a metal object weighs exactly.

After leaving, Wusiji calls to tell us that something bad is happening and we should check our radio.

Ehehe, woops. Forgot to get that. Oh well, we can just head to the Radio Tower and pick one up!

Dammit! Missile Bomb invasion!