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Part 3: Update #03: Catch-a-thon 1998

Let's catch Pokemon #2!

Simple enough, just lower its health and catch it.


Let's try again...

C'mon, damn you!




No nicknames, that's for you to decide! (Or at least let me change inbetween updates).

Let's have a look.

I don't know off the top of my head if it's good, but it's a Rattata, it probably isn't.

Aha! This time you're mine!

Crap... Looks like we'll need to weaken it.

Gust (Kaze Okoshi: Stir Up Wind) is a weak Normal move that is one of the best moves Pidgey learns, unfortunately.

Time to weaken it. Go Rattata, try not to die!



Too easy (phew...)

That's everything on Route 1, so let's heal up and shove these animals into cyberspace for the rest of eternity.

We have a few options. SOMEONE's PC is Pokemon storage. We'll meet that someone later. We'll also use SATOSHI's PC for item storage later too. PROF.OAK's PC is Pokedex evaluation.

From here, we can withdraw from box to party, or desposit from party to box. Or release WHICH WE WILL NEVER DO.

Enjoy your existence.

Before Gen 3 you had to save to change a box and if your current box is full, you can't catch anything. Ahh, the memories...

This gives us 240 spaces (20 in 12 boxes), which is plenty. Hopefully.

Now onto Route 22. That's right, it's not all linear. It also means new Pokemon to catch!

#021: Spearow

You will be mine!

Oh, okay... Crap.

#029: Nidoran F

One, two, three.

Let's see what else there is.

#032: Nidoran M

Ah, it's companion!


Just one more...

Ah, here we are!

#056: Mankey

Leer (Niramitsukeru: Glare (no, not that one)) functions exactly like Tail Whip, just different distribution.

Scratch (Hikkaku) is another one of them basic Normal moves. Slightly stronger than Tackle, though.


And this will be our second team member. A nice physical counterpart to our electric rodent. Nicknames are still (and forever) up for grabs.

Let's head back for now, we'll catch Spearow later.

~Together forever~

The magic of editing.

Oh baby, Thunder Wave (Denjiha: Electromagnetic Wave) will paralyse all Pokemon bar Ground and Electric types. I will never get rid of such a useful move.

I think we're getting somewhere, slowly but surely.

Now that we've trained for no reason whatsoever, let's explore the rest of the route.


Oh. Hey.

"have any BADGEs!"

I've got a monkey that knows kung fu, I think I can get past.

: By the way, did your POKEMON get any stronger?

So this is an optional battle that sticks around until you get the first badge. It's useful for some early experience and it's useful in another way, which will be apparent later.

While I annihilate this thing with Thundershock, it'll use Peck (Tsutsuku), a weak Flying type move that I resist, so I have nothing to fear.

Like so.


By having the switch function in the options, you can know what Pokemon the opponent will use and switch yours to better counter it. It's pretty useful and saves a turn to do it instead.

Unlike every other Generation, you switch AFTER the opponent sends out their Pokemon. It's kinda awkward, honestly.

I should be alright after a couple of these.

Oh come on.

Now I'm definitely one hit from death.

...I hoped that'd do more.

Alright, I can make use of that -2 Defense... with my one special move. Goddammit...

"not attack!"

I've still got this. Barring another crit.

And any move in general...


That could've ended poorly.


...yes. Yes I did.

"tough trainers!"

: I have to figure out how to get past them! You should quit dawdling and get a move on!

I'll dawdle your face... grumble, grumble...

"allowed through."

"let you pass."

Damn, I was sure kung fu monkey would work. Oh well.

Easy enough to get back.

Now let's finally head north!