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Part 22: Across the Seafoam

Oh yeah, here's an in depth look at our final team member. Those are some awesome DVs, let me tell you.

So, let's head on to Route 19.

And they'll be lots of Swimmers! They're even on the land! They're spreading!

Oh great. Clamp (Kara de Hasamu: Clamp with Shell) is a Water type Wrap. It has pretty bad accuracy, but it's pretty strong. Well, as far as these moves go.

I suppose going to the Pokemon Center and back would warm you up.

Danger, danger. High voltage.

I think I'll be alright on my Pokemon. You might have a harder time.

So what's in this house? I dunno, was this here in RBG? Probably, I don't play old, bad games anymore.

...dogs? DOGS? ...never heard of that Pokemon before.

It's a Pikachu party though.

Hmm, strange place overall. Let's see if there's something more to it.

So, let's teach Ikue Surf, because why not. There are event Pikachu that also had this move, but I probably won't be able to get them at the moment.

"I'm not alone..."

: Great! You earned the right to SURF with the DUDE!

Sure. I mean, uh, cowabunga, dude!

Pikachu's Beach Minigame

So in case you didn't watch the video, here's a quick rundown on this neat little minigame you probably won't have played. It is pretty simple, this is Gen 1 after all, but I like it.

The only controls are the left and right buttons to make Pikachu flip as it leaps over waves. Your destination is a distant island and your HP is the timer to reach that island.

Depending on how many flips you did and if you did different directions, depends on the points or "radness" you get. Successfully doing a flip also increases your speed, letting you reach the island earlier.

However, if you don't land a trick and fall off, then you'll lose a few seconds, maybe miss out on some waves and go slower, so you reach the island later. You could get a real nice score on this minigame, but I suck, so I won't.

Still, it's a neat little distraction. Try it out for yourself!

If we had a Gameboy Printer (as you do), then I could show off this score to my friends. But for now...


We'll keep Surf on Ikue for now, since it has a unique sprite! We'll be rolling like this for one update.

...two fucking steps.

Doesn't matter since we can catch it. We could've caught this earlier when we went fishing, but it makes more sense to catch it here.

Would you toss it back? ONLY 1% WILL, SHARE IF YOU WOULD!!!!111!!1

That's about everything, so let's repel up.

We'll be seeing a lot of these guys.

I only utterly destroyed you, it was a battle to remember.

Swimming, cool. Swimmers, not so much.

There are a number of Pokedex entries that will prove you wrong.

Orange Islands/Sevii/Hoenn, depends really.

Great training for those strong against Water. Ikue can miss out for the moment.

"it was a no go!"

6 years too early mate.

Good good.

I'm pretty sure I've got them all and shit.

Oh yeah, cool little tidbit: since there's no sprite for female Swimmers, they get to be fully dressed Beauty's instead! What a gen...


Man, you know when you first meet a girl and she just HAS to mention she has a boyfriend...

Are you the boyfriend?


"dry on water."


"have it if I win?"

Sure, I don't really need it.

Eh, Strength is fine enough.


Everyone's been shouting that, it's weird.

Aye, matey. I've walked the plank once. And here's the boyfriend. I guess.

Eh, might as well.


#073: Tentacruel

That seems to be everything, so let's head onto Route 20.

It's much of the same, really.

Aurora Beam (Ōrora Bīmu) is a fairly good Ice move that unfortunately isn't Ice Beam. It has a chance to lower Attack (a 33% chance in Stadium for whatever reason), but yeah, this is what you get before Ice Beam. Or you don't have the TM.

"Can't you swim?"

I can. I'm just lazy.

Surfing is actually pretty darn difficult and I cannot do it at all.

Thar she blows, cap'n!

"this island."

What island?

Oh. That island.

We'll head in in just a second.

Wanna sleep with the fishes?

I swear the translators do this on purpose.

Anyway, Seafoam Islands is a pretty small dungeon that you could avoid completely by just surfing down from Pallet Town.

This place has a number of floors, but there's not much too them aside from some Strength boulders.

And then go around to the other side to push the other boulder.

Then we head downstairs to push it further. It isn't a very exciting puzzle and it's not particularly difficult, but it gives us something to do, I guess.

I'll also leave new wild encounters to the end. There's no trainers here.


Down again to one of three hidden items.

This place isn't even a maze, it's just find where the boulder went.

Next floor has a more interesting boulder puzzle. You might have to think about it for, I dunno, ten seconds?

Oh yeah, the goal is to block the water flow so we can get across.

Holy rock of stuff, give me thing.

Okay, we'll push this here first.

Then we push in the left and push in the right. This probably stumped me as a kid, but now I be smrt.

"of water!"

Woo, puzzles.

Uh, thanks repels.

Now let's surf on over and claim our prize.

For the love of god remember to save because you're about to get wrecked by...

#144: Articuno

Starting off with the usual tactics. This thing is pretty tough, so crippling it will be helpful.

So how hard does this thing hit?

Pretty hard, I'd say.

But hey, let's just whittle it down, then catch it on the very first Ultra Ball. Easy, right?

Let's heal up and move on.

Up and up and up and here's where the other boulder ended up.

Now we've stopped the water flow. Let's get out of here.

And the final hidden item.

If you surf on the water before the boulders are put down, they'll force you down to Articuno's area. But we can go the opposite way for a quick shortcut. I will say I'm not 100% confident in that, since this place isn't that memorable, so it's one of the few places I haven't memorised.

Just before we leave, however, let's catch some Pokemon.

#086: Seel

Now there's one more left to get. And we'll get it through, uh, the usual means.


#124: Jynx

So is this racist yet? Eh, somehow.

You can only catch this Pokemon here in JP Blue. In international RB, you trade for it in Cerulean. And then in Yellow you can't find it at all.

But yay, we're done. Now we've reached Cinnabar-


Well, maybe we could have a small break. I've been thinking about something.

We caught Articuno pretty easily and we have ways to get a good chance of capturing stuff. So I'm kinda wondering what to use my Master Ball on. It's really burning a hole in my pocket, er, BAG.

Hmm, Tentacruel... I remember reading about a Tentacruel not too long ago... oh yeah, that's right!

Alright. Thanks Professor Oak, you know so much about this world!

With this hard to catch Pokemon obtained, let's move on.

We can't go three steps without more trainers. But Ikue has Thunderbolt back, so we can use it again.

But... it still is.

Welcome to the Salty Sea, how tough are ya?

"POKEMON, not me!"

I think pumping your body is the right choice, like what I do. Ladies.

This isn't a legitimate flying location. I call shenanigans., you really don't know how Fly works.

Oh. Okay. They look, uh, very nice. Very spherical. And, uh, pearly.

"inside CLOYSTER?"

Please stop, my immature mind cannot handle in your endo.

That means we still have a while to go.

Oooh, new captures and free shit. Got that to look forward to.

"for POKEMON."

We will make it there eventually, but the blue wonder doth stretch to the horizon.

What island?

Oh, that island.


Ah, it's good to reach dry land again. We'll explore next time.