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Part 2: Puzzle #1

Okay so here's the puzzle for Episode 1.
Gnegative Gnomes

One of the Scoggins Gnomes has been stolen! Using the film negative of the six gnomes and the evidence photo of the five remaining gnomes, find which gnome has been stolen. The gnomes might not be in the same positions in the photo and the negative.
In other words: one of these gnomes is not like the others - find the odd one out.
Note: the missing gnome is selected from the negative.

Pungry posted:

I think the missing gnome is the middle one on the top. That's my guess.

That's the obvious choice from looking at the photo. I regret to inform you that this choice is incorrect. Feel free to try again.

This is the only correction/hint I'm going to give until the update. Otherwise you'll get the answer by method of elimination and that's no fun.

One thing I would request is if someone has a solution could they also provide how they got to that solution. I'm not going to give consequential marks or anything like a calculus test, but a straight answer in most of these puzzles may not seem like you thought it out. Who knows? The working may lead you closer to a solution.