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Part 29: Purge

Twiddy has a new friend!

Here's a little trick we like to call 'foreshadowing':

Our armies take the field:

Initiative goes to:

Vynnland! History will judge this a decisive roll indeed...

Fresh off their victory over Lusitania, Vynnland forces again swelled to ridiculous proportions.

Attacking this time from Egypt, they marched forth en-gigantic-masse to settle their score with the petulant Kamigonians.

Resistance was futile.

In a rapid sweep, Vynnland forces easily cleared their way through Europe, positioning themselves for the final bloody assault on the Kamigonian stronghold of Northern Europe.

As Chairman Pinchy directed his men southward into Northern Europe, he commanded a force of 49 divisions. There defending was the last of Kamigonia's army, 34 divisions, well entrenched and with their backs to the wall.

Vynnland's strategy was simple; attrition.

The battle of Northern Europe was a long, hideous, grisly affair, as everywhere the countryside exploded into open warfare. The ensuing calamity as the two massive armies smashed into one another again and again left neither city nor hamlet unleveled in its wake, and turned the once fertile plains into ghastly charred wastelands of burned out forests and decaying corpses.

Most Peaceful Slaan, refusing surrender, ordered his troops fight to the last man.

And so they did.

In the west, Vynnland forces in Venezuela, freed from the pesky constraints of 'peace', thrust northward into Brazen's North America.

In a stunning and decisive campaign, they smashed the region's underpowered defenses and raided the very heartland of Herr Zwiebel's command, capturing with it the vital Brazen meshwork, key to their strategic planning throughout the war.

It would no doubt prove to be a devastating blow.

Vynnland takes Middle East, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Central America, Eastern US, Quebec, Greenland, Ontario, Western US, Alberta, Northwest Territory, and Alaska!

The Most Peaceful Slaan
Once in command, now in jail
He's mostly peaceful

Seizing on Vynnland's weakened defenses in Africa, Herr Zwiebel led his men on a swift campaign southward, taking the continent entirely in one fell swoop.

His troops were so jubilant, there barely noticed the curious sudden lack of correspondence from home...

Brazen takes Middle East, Egypt, East Africa, Madagascar, South Africa, Congo, and North Africa!


Risk cards are now worth 35 armies!

To be continued...