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Part 6: Goddamn it Robin, get fat!

Chapter 4 - Goddamn it Robin, get fat!

Now that the town of Yamas is quiet again (except for Tatyana!) we can go into this door here, where the DRUGS were being talked about.

Inside, we find this man! He... is not the one we're looking for.

It's okay, we'll just step outside and come back in and...

Oh, God DAMN IT! Exiting again...


I'm not even opening the damn menu.

Well, I guess I will because Fat Robin gave use another FORMATION

You'll see later. Now, let us find our way to Lance, which is not usually on the map and not accessible by normal Pidona ships. I chose to go to Lance because the highwaymen are about to disappear forever.

We go!

This man gives us the location of a rather tragic town, whose problem we will solve eventually.

Head into here, but don't really bother talking to anyone besides a girl in one of the houses. Her name is Nina. I didn't take pictures but she's worried about her lover named Paul who was supposed to be back. SOrry, cramming in two things at once here...

Head over and talk to this guy, then go to Justerm. Once in the town, find this old dude with the snazzy blue hat.

Lance is now opened up for us! It contains the Holy King's Tomb, the mansion of the Holy King's descendants, and the Astrologer who will play an important part later.

You'll meet this guy too! Don't worry about taking his job just yet: Everyone is too weak to complete it. However, remember him for later! Now, let us head our merry way into Lance!

You can find these two important facts from the townspeople herein:

This name is used again later on, in SaGa Frontier 2. He's probably the second most badass person of the game in my opinion, next to Gustave.

Go into the armor shop to find this man.

Man: Want to carry goods to Yamas fo 1000G?

Highwaymen messing up shipping? This is unforgiveable!

However, before we accept, I kick Thomas out of the party and get Ellen who is just around the corner. She makes for a much better Kung Fu user compared to Sara, and Sara is better with bows. It doesn't matter too much as I will replace them but it's good to have some mastered techs to pass on to my successors.

The objective here is to just get to the other screens. Kill all of the highwaymen that attack you and eventually on the second screen they will cry out for a retreat. Now, the important part is to come into contact with one and catch them.

Asking for money gets you greedy, which is a bad thing if you want to help the guy out in Justerm with his work. The correct response here is to ask for info. He will respond:
Highwayman: Our hideout is in the mountain near Stanley.

You can continue to catch thieves and by saying you don't need help you will engage in combat.

We are here! It's time to bust some heads! Head on up and kill/avoid the highwaymen as you please. They are a static spawn so they are good to get some early levelling underway. Also, they drop curved swords, broad swords, and TP potions like rain. I cut out the part here where I got everyone to around 250-270hp or so and amstered a few techs.

There are three entrances going up from here. the one on the left leads to highwaymen with a treasure chest containing 500g. Same with the one on the far far right. The one in the middle holds something special.

Once you enter this room, the highwaymen freak out and escape. Now, go on up and you will find...

Paul: You know Nina! Please, don't tell Nina about this!
Katrina: Go now.

Paul learns his lesson and takes off. Continuing on down the only southern exit stairs, you then hook back up and find this dude.

Boss Fight - Great Thief

Behind this boss (and rather ironically placed) is a chest containing 2000G. This has been a pretty profitable run! Now, we head back outside and head over to Zweig to get some more info about the scientist.

A genius, you say?

This is actually something important here. Remember this as well.

Don't ever take this guy's offer. The money isn't worth it and your greed counter will rise. You could get to the point where you will piss off the man in Justerm asking for help, and you won't get to access something special.

Meet Shonen! He's too busy being an lamer.

Anyway, the forest is just outside of Zweig here.

Talking to these wisps results in a fight with one of the strange animals that you hear about. They have their own battle theme but aren't difficult to defeat. Either way, defeat them all on your way up to the mansion, where you will find unmistakable horrors...

Meet The Professor

The Professor asks you to wait:

Well, we just got them...

Professor: Oh, you have brought my cute pet with you! I'll give you a hot kiss as a reward!
Professor: In fact, a rat called Algernon has escaped out of here again. But that's not a pet. It's a genius rat ( ) that Duke Zweig asked me to make. It has a disgustingly bad attitude. I'll just let it die in the wilderness. Even if you find him, don't bring him back.

Harsh, much? That's it for the mad scientist! Remember Algernon, because he will pop up again with all sorts of great troubles ready.

As for now...

I need some goddamn rest.