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Part 8: Everything I Forgot Before the Dream

Chapter 6 - Everything I Forgot Before the Dream

Looking back, I think it was a bad idea to go into the dream and devote so much time to just powering up there. I'm a little overlevelled for many of the early areas and some of the more interesting fights suffer from this. Of course, I'm not speaking about the rats fight. Fuck that fight.

Speaking of ra-a-a-a-a-ats (Algus would HATE them!) let us see what was the deal, and go visit the professor. She spoke of a genius rat named Algernon, correct?

Actually, before we head out, let's get some information around Pidona if we can. After all, Maximus just tried to make Muse sleep for eternity, right? Let's go visit the old Claudius mansion in the far upper right in the same area as Thomas' house and the workshop.

Interesting. We found a Holy King relic in Muse's dream, right? Also, if you remember back at the beginning the person who stole the Masquerade, another Holy King relic, landed up here. The Holy King's spear was also taken in Pidona! The only clue there was coral earrings and the name Jackal.

Keep wandering around the house, and you'll run into this guy.

Man: But they were charged with the crime of misleading the people and were burned to death. Seems like their family has moved to Lance.
Johannes' parents, no doubt. We should pay a visit to him sometime.

This must be one of the few kids in an RPG who has something valuable to add to the game, that's for sure. Looks like Lance is on the menu after we've wrapped up things with the rats and elsewhere.

I didn't mention this before, but you can run into these guys and get them back to the Pidona workshop. Blacksmithing in this game is very nice to have, as it gets you very strong items later on if you stick with it. Many of the early items (including the weapons) have unique skills built into the weapons that you can learn.

Blacksmith: That young lad... has said such bright words.... Okay! I'll work once again!

From here, you decide where the worker focuses his attention. Also note Nora, there? If you remove her from your party she will be back in the workshop and you can have her work on weapons and armor too.

The blacksmiths are in:
Stanley - Pub
Farce - Pub
Librof - Pub
Wilminton - Inn
That leaves just Ken and Nora, and the man in the Claudius Household that you already found. Isn't it funny that they are all in pubs getting drunk?

Anyway, let's check the pub for info now.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. We will want to remember this as it brings about another clue. Apparently Jackal is connected with a balmy, beach like place, yes?

We've been stalling around enough, so let's go to the West Forest and talk to the good old Pro fes sor.

Katrina: Isn't there a way to defeat it?
Professor: Use this.

It's a little dubious, but this does help us in our forthcoming battle. Heading back to Kidlanto brings us closer to the asshole mayor and some shocking news.

Mayor, if I may quote a Mario romhack video, you are a cocksucker.

Heading to the Offering Cave, we push this rock aside and race to where we last saw our rat notfriends...

Boss Fight - Algernon Swarm

There is another way to do this fight if you are stupidly overlevelled. Let me show it to you because you don't need to use the rat poison. I don't remember if it bugs things up though, so be warned if that's what you're going to try and do.

Boss Fight - Algernon Swarm Brute Force

Now that the fights are done, we are treated to darkness...

Nina: Excuse me...
Katrina: Shut up! Leave me alone! ... !! Nina!!! I thought you were eaten by the rats...
Nina: No. When I was thrown into here, I hid some meat. I barely escaped by throwing it to the rats.
Katrina: Nina... I'm glad.
Nina: Thank you, Katrina. Had you come later I would have definitely become the rats' food. Moreover, because of you we don't have to sacrifice any more.
Katrina: Well, let's get back to Kidlanto.

What does the mayor have to say about all of this?

Fuck you too.

Let's go back to here and get some rest and--

What just happened? Uhhh, well, go to the inn and rest, and let's see what happened. Nobody really says anything, but I would place my bets on visiting the Professor. Who else would deal with anything vaguely technological?

Not pictured is me getting run over again by the same bike. Now, visiting the Professor we see her downstairs this time,

Professor: Duke Zweig has asked me to make a super ultra deluxe final romancing dragon machine. Just one more screw and it would become the hyper gold luxury full automatic real final romancing throbbing dragon machine!

So, Capcom wanted to get a sequel out of all of this?

Professor: You saw it fly across the forest?

Katrina: Come on, it's okay. Aren't you a genius?
Professor: Right! What am I worrying about? I'm a genius! Ho ho ho ho ho!

Baron Godwin and the Minister of Loanne were geniuses too. I guess it's in the laugh. Not pictured is a dumb music number, more like a poem.

Professor: There is a prototype within the door.

Here comes one of the cooler boss fights in the game!

Boss Fight - The Zweiger Machine

(Vimeo / Youtube)
The last area on our sidequest agenda is Justerm.

Wood: It's almost the hunting season. Before that, we need to drive away the monsters. Otherwise, there will be less prey, and it would be awful if people get attacked.

Answering yes gets us to a place that you are automatically taken to.

This place is straight forward and I'm trying to rush through here because I'm already way too strong. The enemies scale but not the bosses, see? Just run through here to the end and you will be attacked by this big fish.

Boss Fight - The Lake Boss

With that, I bring the update to a close. Next time, I am hoping to get Boston and Fairy on the team to get the final party formed up. After that, I hope to tackle the secret that Mana Sword placed into the game! It's going to be a fun trek and the secret won't stop until the water abyss demon is dead.

Edit: There are some audio kinks in the lake boss and rat fights, but nothing nearly as bad as the Zweiger recording. Man, fuck that encounter when it comes to recording it with a decent filesize AND non mucky quality. Fixed my issue with fraps.