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Part 13: , Continued

Chapter 3, Continued

Having "fixed" the stuck door to Preacher Bob's abode, I head on through to meet the pontiff himself.

Oh. I guess it was foolish of me to expect a 'real' preacher.

Listen to it!


Eesh. Right, then.

To put it lightly...

This is one of my favorite conversations in the game; they crack me up every time.

Change of topic:

He has a broom back there - but I can't get to it.

As requested, Listen to it!


I love how Max just ignores her and keeps on with the questions. Way to be single minded, my man!

And lastly...

It's the man himself, Doctor Morgan!

Wow, he's so... casual about it...

Oi. Started out solid, then lost it almost immediately.

Let's talk about something else...

No, surely not.

An experiment, you say? Well, this music is starting to drive me insane, so maybe I can... help you out by changing it.

Now, which one to pick? Let's start with... the Ballad of Captain Dick.

When I put on the record, the old mariner with the fish got up and started dancing.

Well, that didn't accomplish much. Let's try... Rockabilly Swing Thing.

'Elvis' got up and started dancing to this one.

That's not too helpful either, unfortunately. Let's try Belladonna in A Flat.'s like a car crash or train wreck, in that regard.

Hey! What the... it's Preacher Bob's holy symbol!

He walks over and retrieves the broom I saw earlier...

I'll put this to good use...

...and break open that interesting panel I saw earlier.

The panel hides a puzzle involving a ridiculous maze of pipes and 4 valves. The puzzle involves turning the pipes and valves to route water to one of 4 pipes at the bottom of the screen. When completed...

The hooded girl sitting by the fountain gets up and starts dancing.

Uh, what?

I go to see what she meant...

Cinematic: Sister

And we move on to Chapter 4...
To be continued...