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Part 57: Class Changes: For the Last Time

Class Changes: For the Last Time

Alright, we're in the final stretch of the playthrough and it's time for that last bit of decision making. We'll begin at the beginning, with our hero protagonist.


(Dark Dark)

Going full dark makes Duran into a lone wolf kind of individual combatant, and adds the ability to use Dark Saber to his arsenal. This is his strongest form as far as pure attack power goes, and comes with Eruption Sword as a full screen attack. On the other hand, you've only got one added ability and quite frankly being able to add Dark Elemental damage would have been a lot more useful before we fought Lightgazer.

Max Stats:
Strength: 22
Agility: 19
Vitality: 21
Intelligence: 17
Spirit: 15
Luck: 15

Swordmaster (Dark Light)

Mixing it up a bit gives Duran a more party-support flavor, allowing him to multi-target all of his regular elemental sabers and granting him access to Moon and Leaf saber as well. This class has a bit less strength and agility, but more spirit which can be helpful when it comes to dealing out healing using items like Poto Oil. The tech for this one is Vacuum Sword, which is also full screen. Duran's going to be an industrial shit wrecker any way you go.

Max Stats:
Strength: 21
Agility: 18
Vitality: 21
Intelligence: 16
Spirit: 16
Luck: 16

What Could Have Been

(Light Light)

Of the two light elemental classes Duran has access to, Paladin is the more offensively oriented. It picks up a full screen technique and the ability to use Saint Saber, but gets nothing beyond that. In many ways it's an almost exact reversal of the Duelist Class, although it's not quite as strong for pure damage. The fact that it has a powerful offensive ability against most of the end game bosses is a nice bonus, though.

Lord (Light Dark)

Going with the mixed option on the light side gets us a full party healer with Tinkle Rain as an addition, although that sound much worse coming from Duran. Although he's more of a support character in this form, Duran still keeps a respectably high strength score and will be able to function as a fighter quite well. Probably the more solid option if you don't have Carlie or Kevin in your party to act as a healer.


Grand Deviner
(Light Light)

Presumably that's mean to be a diviner. It's fair enough to say that on the light end of things, Angela's final classes are very similar. This one has a bit more strength and intelligence, with a bit less spirit and luck. You get multi-target versions of all the level 2 elementals with the Grand Deviner, as well as a tri-elemental attack called Double Spell. Her final tech, Spiral Rod, is single target, but that's never been important with Angela.

Max Stats:
Strength: 17
Agility: 17
Vitality: 18
Intelligence: 21
Spirit: 19
Luck: 16

Arch Mage (Light Dark)

Besides having a cooler sounding name, Arch Mage is nearly identical to Grand Deviner. A bit less intelligence, more spirit, and instead of getting a tri-elemental spell we get a spell called Rainbow. Or RAINBOW! if you prefer. This class also has a single target special attack, only instead of Spiral Rod it's Dancing Rod. Angela's got a bit of a rod fixation on the light side of things.

Max Stats:
Strength: 16
Agility: 16
Vitality: 18
Intelligence: 20
Spirit: 20
Luck: 17

What Could Have Been

We've already been through this. If you're really curious, look back at the last playthrough.


Will be a God Hand, naturally. For his trouble he gets Byakko Shockwave and Stardust Bomb as his attacks and a spell that will allow him to instantly fill his tech gauge to full so that he can repeatedly use these attacks. The alternative version, Warrior Monk, would have given him a multi-target heal light spell and leaf saber, but it comes at the cost of less strength and losing out on having a full screen level three technique.

Max Stats:
Strength: 18
Agility: 17
Vitality: 22
Intelligence: 15
Spirit: 17
Luck: 16

As with Angela, if you're wondering about how his dark classes are, just look back at the last playthrough.

Give me your two choices in bold, and by all means let us know why. Meanwhile, I'll be grinding ??? seeds. It's a lot more annoying without having that room with 3 boulders on this playthrough. You need to be on the Carlie/Kevin pathway to get that shortcut.