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Part 62: Last Transmission Explains Items and Item Storage

Proper item storage is key!

You all remember Secret of Mana, don’t you? Where the three playable characters have a very balanced and fun spread of available magic spells and weapons that complement each other well?
Well, Seiken Densetsu 3 Let’s you freely chose your team of 3 intrepid main heroes for any given playthrough. Each with a different set of skills made even more complicated by each having diverging class progressions. In short you can totally customise your team to your liking. Even going so far as screwing yourself out of any healing magic or other desirable buffs whatsoever by, say, picking Hawk, Lise and Angela, for example. You’re shit out of luck cause none of them ever learn any health restoration, ever.
Now how can you beat long dungeons and difficult boss fights without grinding until everything becomes trivial? Why, you use items, of course! Now for those of you with acute RPG Item Hoarding Syndrome this may be a radically novel idea, but just bear with me a bit longer.

I loaded my own endgame save and in order to not spoil anything other than some post second class change colour schemes I went to the forest south of Jad to get these screenshots.

The trusty ring menu makes a return from the predecessor. In this game one ring houses your spells and special skills and the other one is home to 10 different items with each slot holding up to 9 of each consumable. This is all that you have access to at any time, even combat.
Now you may think that 9 of each healing item won’t be enough to get through the tougher dungeons and you’d be right! But don’t worry you can actually carry more supplies than that!

By pressing the start button outside of combat (i.e. no enemies are around and your characters automatically put away their weapons) you get to this screen where you can have up to 99 of each item in reserve. Refilling or replacing items is very easy just select one from the left and then one entry from the right. Your storage is also automatically kept sorted by type to keep everything manageable.

The game is even nice enough to automatically send any surplus items straight to storage for you instead of them disappearing. There they’ll disappear because you already have 99 in storage.

Ok this place is a bit spoilery but if you are on a no-healing-spells-run run this merchant will be your bestest friend in the world by the end of the game. I guarantee it.

Even better, shops allow you send bought items to your storage as well.
Since you can end up with a very limited set of spells and skills on any given playthrough the developers did something very clever: All basic spells like stat buffs, (element) sabre and even basic attack spells have an item version including the healing spell. And the most useful ones can be bought all in one place as well! For example, those green pots in the picture above are Poto Oil which simulates the healing spell complete with being keyed off the using character’s spirit stat.

So play with whatever character and class combo you like, don’t be too frugal with your Luc and never forget to pay the nice people at the Black Market in time.